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Marksmanship Training Video - WWII

The Appleseed Project seeks to educate everyday Americans in the art of marksmanship – the goal being to produce “riflemen” in the classic sense. Methods and tests are based on US Army training and qualification tests. Anyone who has attended an Appleseed course will recognize immediately the principles taught in these training videos from WWII.  The techniques taught are still valid. There are a good two hours of instruction here.

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Firearms - Getting Rid of Your Flinch

You sight down the barrel at a target only 12 feet away.

You know you must make the shot, or risk losing big time.

You slowly squeeze the trigger, intent on hitting the target.

You blink at the discharge, ride the recoil and look at the target… still there, still pristine. It stands there mocking you.

Your pals laugh at the bet you just lost, and you wonder, “How in

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What if You Aren't There?

I was reading a good article describing types of brain injuries at Doom and Bloom. “Traumatic Head Wounds” describes how various head injuries progress from initial injury to possible outcomes. It is worth reading.

I got to thinking, though, about the effects head and other injuries have on others – when the injured person dies. Imagine, if you will, a scenario wherein the individuals involved rely on a relative few

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10 Useful Knots, from

Image from Prepper Ideas (

I saw this post over at  It really does have 10 useful knots, with instructions and pictures on tying them. It also includes suggestions on where to use them.

I recently downloaded an Ap called “What Knot” or “What Knot to do in the Great Outdoors”. It does a great job of walking you through knots, but the included examples are many. This blog’s

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Older USMC Sniper Introductory Film

Found this older informational /training video on USMC Sniper Team operations. From the audio comes a comment that is key to understanding the role of the sniper. The significance of the target is more important than the quantity of targets. Something to consider.


The M40A1 weapon platform is the object of this video. It is based on the Remington 700, which is a widely used rifle within SWAT teams

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Interesting USMC Video - M82 SAS

Found this video over at the blog of the Modern Day Patriot.

By the way, if you’ve ever clicked to rewatch a YouTube video only to find that it has been removed, you know the frustration that comes with knowing you could have saved it to disc. If you never knew you could saved the vids, what you might want to do is get a browser plugin that allows

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