“Doomsday” Shows

Let’s get something straight right now, before there are too many other dreams of stardom that override common sense. If you want to star on a show, find one that has nothing to do with Doomsday this or Doomsday that. Go on a sitcom, or some cooking reality show. No one that appears on one of these “preppers shows” will ever again be able to regain anonymity. No one that signs a contract for rights and rewards will be able

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The Cat is out of the Bag

The cat is out of the bag. Preppers are going mainstream, at least as comedic fare. Look at all the new shows. Doomsday Preppers. Doomsday Bunkers. Armageddon Preppers (casting call in the works). Meet the Preppers (Coming). PreppersTV (from the group that did Doomsday Preppers, except now they want more extreme preppers…).

There will be more…. this public-prepper-people thing is getting traction, and interest generates CASH. The focus is to entertain and sell air time, not teach. What they decide

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Doomsday Preppers /Doomsday Bunkers

How have these shows, and others like them affected you? I believe they have, and there is little you can do about it. A few short thoughts on this….

You are on the radar. Not you specifically, but your SPECIES. Prepping has gone mainstream, so those activities and discussions we used to get away with will now have some eyes a-watchin’. Buzzwords that you and your friends could feel comfortable with before will now gain attention. Why? Because it is

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What Is Important to Some Preppers ...

… might seem silly to others.

I had the opportunity to see inside the mind of a prepper today. This guy has been removed from the scene due to some strange activities he conducted. Illegal activities. The kind that any sane person would run away from – quickly and quietly. Anyway, he left behind some storage units that went into arrears, and were auctioned-off. A family friend invited us over to take a peek and see what the guy had

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BORVs - Security and Options

Added a new “page”, under BOV, for RVs. This one deals with on-the-road and camp security. The BORV has some major security concerns. Check out these ideas for minimizing them.

BOL (Bug Out Locations) - How Far Away?

As with just about any question an inquisitive prepper poses, the answer often begins with yet another question. “How far away from what, exactly?” The underlying expectation of most asking this question is an answer that will help them decide how far away from everything, everyone, is safe. Grid down, TEOTWAWKI, ______ collapse, you name it…. the disaster of each person’s dreams is the foundation for their preparations.

“….from what?” Answer that first. In general, a BOL is positioned such

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Go Take a Walk - Neighborhood RECON

Take a walk. Seriously. Go out and take a walk. Get out of your house, go into your neighborhood and walk. Aside from the exercise, it’ll give you a chance to do two other things.

The first is to study your neighbors’ places, (and your neighbors), while on a leisurely stroll. Look at their places. Check out their cars. Try to notice things that you gloss over these days due to familiarity. Look for unkempt lawns, trash in the side

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Burglars and Home Invaders Update

The bad guys are looking at your trash. They are looking for boxes and packaging that will tell them what you got for Christmas. Do yourself a favor and hang on to your packaging, if you haven’t already tossed it. (Sorry for being late on the gun, here….)

Cut up boxes into flat pieces of cardboard. These will store with next to no room, and you can dispose of them in a few weeks. Any tell-tale items that go in

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