North Korea the Puppet, China the Puppetmaster?

For two generations of Sungs and Ils, the North Korean dictators’ club has been alternately propped-up, and reigned in by their much larger relation, China. Support for the little pit of communist decline has come from very few friends. To assume that decades of tradition between the two countries has somehow changed would be to assume that Kim Jung Un is smarter, more politically adept and experienced than his predecessors.

The North is shouting its biggest threats yet, and seems

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North Korean Test Launch

Was the NoKo Galaxy Rocket launch nothing more than a test? I tend to think not, because of the major face they lost on this. There was great expectation attached to a successful orbit achievement. But let’s assume, for the moment, that this was a test of new launching technology. Anything after the test would be a waste of time and effort, and might advertise more data than necessary. The flight would last only long enough to verify predefined expectations.

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