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Ukraine is Putin's Target

I warned of this HERE.

A recent New York Times link on Drudge Report mentions 3 separate buildups of Russian troops and armor along the common border with Ukraine. I would suppose the Ukrainians were previously privately concerned that this might develop, but they are now openly concerned. Like most NYT articles, it is long on talk, and short on money lines, but this one does have some cache.

Until Thursday,

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Hello to the CCCP (USSR to you non-Cold War types…)

I’ve been spreading my opinion for a while, now, that our friend Putin is 100% KGB CCCP, and is nothing like the “New Russian” that the leftist media would have us believe. He was raised in the Soviet Union, trained by the KGB and is not bashful about reminiscing about the old days. He was a Cold War KGB thug

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1.6 Billion Rounds for ....

As of December 2013, is there anything to the notion that the government is buying ammunition in quantities far beyond their needs for training and operations?  Just how big is the government ammunition purchasing program?

In March of this year, WND published an article, “Feds Buying 100 Years Worth of Ammo.”

Some money quotes from the article. As WND previously reported, it also would be enough ammunition to fight a

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North Korea the Puppet, China the Puppetmaster?

For two generations of Sungs and Ils, the North Korean dictators’ club has been alternately propped-up, and reigned in by their much larger relation, China. Support for the little pit of communist decline has come from very few friends. To assume that decades of tradition between the two countries has somehow changed would be to assume that Kim Jung Un is smarter, more politically adept and experienced than his predecessors.

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Coffee Prices on the Up-tick?

I was sent this by a friend that thought it was worth at least considering. How are coffee prices in your neck-o-the-woods?

“Might be a good idea to stock up on Coffee from this year’s crop, it will be even more expensive soon.

The Real Figures on Rust Blight and Coffee

Although it is clear that Central American coffee farmers are suffering from a serious crisis because of the spread

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Winchester Ammunition Recall

Consider this a safety issue of major import. Exploding chambers due to overcharged ammunition are a serious concern, with no warning possible. Read this and check your inventories if you stock Winchester.

February 11, 2013

Winchester Product Warning and Recall Notice

Winchester 5.56mm M855 62-Grain Pene

Olin Corporation, through its Winchester Division, is recalling one (1) lot of its 5.56mm M855 62 Grain PENE centerfire rifle ammunition.

Symbol Number: ZGQ3308

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