Suturing, or Closing a Wound

This is an overview of Suturing. “Sewing” a wound closed is not simply sticking needles through skin and tying knots. Different methods apply to different wounds. What I want to do here is share some YouTube suturing videos with you, and illustrate the need for training not just in method, but also in application. If you are going to add this skill to your bag of tricks, do what you can to get some professional training. Viewing of these videos

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Celox - Blood Stop of Choice

The more horrid scenarios inhabiting the skulls of some preppers include dramatic and bloody trauma following on loud and smokey battles against mindless hordes. Some war-game the defenses of their retreats and the possible aftermath. Still others consider what they might do if seriously injured by animal or firearm on a hunting trip. I think back to incidents where I found injured accident victims on the highway.

In all of these there is blood, sometimes lots of it. Where enough

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Water Storage - Part II

It would be quite a task to review the various means of treating and storing water, so I won’t do that here. Your personal situation will dictate to you what your treatment and storage particulars should be. However you attack the issue, though, keep in mind that the water that goes into your body needs to be as pure as possible, especially in times of high stress, when impurities of all kinds will have an easier time of killing you.

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Water Storage - Part I

Water Storage. More than just a bottle or two, it’s a HUGE subject.

15 and 55 gallon barrels Water BOBs 2 liter bottles Canteens Portable filters Purification tablets Iodine purification Mechanical filters Ceramic filters Chemical filters Distillers

Water During the Bug-Out What do you do? Do you store all you need ahead of time? Do you keep filters on hand and hope to have or find a supply to purify? In deciding on your strategy, two things are certain.


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"Mall Cop" - What Can We Learn?

Ever see the movie “Mall Cop”?

The star was overweight, subject to black outs from hypoglycemia, to serious about his job, and a loser with the girls….

BUT – he could climb walls, run the tire course, recover with some sugar candy, save the day and get the girl.

What can we learn from this? The producer has some reality issues! He can also turn a cliche into a movie and make a few million bucks.

Actually, there are a

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Training While Laid-up

So, you were just starting into a new program, something designed to keep you on track with a REAL PLAN. You intended to get squared away in one of the few skill sets you put on your list.

Then you wound up injured. The initial blow to your resolve was made worse by the news that you will be laid up for two months. Sheesh. What now?? How do you make any kind of forward progress with such a momentous

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Retreat Supplies

The purpose of a retreat, generally, is to allow a person, or a group of persons to lay over until the problem that forced their relocation has been resolved. Storm, civil disorder, pandemic, etc., can serve as the trigger for a relocation. It should support life as well as a regular home, supplying shelter from the weather, food and water, medical care and security.

The age old axiom of “beans, band-aids and bullets” is always the best starting point for

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