A Chunnel - and not the English Channel Version

Chickens like to get around. They can be confined for a while but, given their choice, they will opt to get out and stretch their legs. While a farm or a large covered aviary might provide this space for them, backyard chicken keepers are usually limited to a small run for hen happiness.

ZucchiniMom at Suburban Homesteading was pleased to receive a rather original present from her hubby. He built her a Chicken Tunnel, or “Chunnel”, that extended the range

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Free Ranging Your Chickens

Image from Backyardchickens.com

Our girls love to run and fly around the back of The Keep. Their “home” is a portable coop called a “tractor”. They lay their eggs there, eat chicken feed and share stories around the water tank. But when the door is open, they are out and running for the bushes!

Chickens are domesticated versions of wild fowl, and their instincts are closely tied to their ancestries. Given the chance, chickens will take healthy dust baths,

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