Old Enemies & New Threats

Your past can return to haunt you, or worse.

From the mind of Hollywood, we are told stories about the avenging bad guy, the victorious hero, and good endings in just about all of them. Sometimes the ending isn’t so good. Sometimes, Hollywood can not compare to the real world. The stories Hollywood tells are produced for the widest possible audience to take in and “own” within their minds. The stories that life produces are much too often told by

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“Doomsday” Shows

Let’s get something straight right now, before there are too many other dreams of stardom that override common sense. If you want to star on a show, find one that has nothing to do with Doomsday this or Doomsday that. Go on a sitcom, or some cooking reality show. No one that appears on one of these “preppers shows” will ever again be able to regain anonymity. No one that signs a contract for rights and rewards will be able

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The Cat is out of the Bag

The cat is out of the bag. Preppers are going mainstream, at least as comedic fare. Look at all the new shows. Doomsday Preppers. Doomsday Bunkers. Armageddon Preppers (casting call in the works). Meet the Preppers (Coming). PreppersTV (from the group that did Doomsday Preppers, except now they want more extreme preppers…).

There will be more…. this public-prepper-people thing is getting traction, and interest generates CASH. The focus is to entertain and sell air time, not teach. What they decide

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Is There a Best Bunker?

Update 09/29/13 – New article listing shelter manufacturers.

What if they gave a bunker party and no one could find it? LOL!

Whatever the purpose of the bunker, you certainly don’t want it to be known that you have one. So you better pass up the opportunity to be on any of the “Doomsday” shows. Don’t invite the reality shows over for a look-see, because they and everyone else will see it. See?

Seriously, folks… the best bunker is the

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Doomsday Preppers /Doomsday Bunkers

How have these shows, and others like them affected you? I believe they have, and there is little you can do about it. A few short thoughts on this….

You are on the radar. Not you specifically, but your SPECIES. Prepping has gone mainstream, so those activities and discussions we used to get away with will now have some eyes a-watchin’. Buzzwords that you and your friends could feel comfortable with before will now gain attention. Why? Because it is

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Scroogle is DEAD (rest in pieces)

Up until recently, we have been using Scroogle Scraper, an anonymous internet search engine. It has died. Don’t know if it will be resurrected or not. rumor has it that the server was hacked, and that along with some financial issues has rendered it not-of-this-world.

Now we are using ixquick. So far, it seems to work just fine, and actually returns better results. Scroogle would not allow for spelling mistakes, whereas ixquick has rectified many of mine.

So, if you’ve

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Preparing for a Computer-less Age

What would you do without your computer, be it a PC, MAC or Linux machine? You certainly wouldn’t be reading this post, would you? Or any other post – anywhere.

Or ….. would you?

Today, you likely popped onto the net and did a few searches and found this wonderful place. You read a few things and made some mental notes. You also could be reading this as part of a printout of items you thought necessary to keep. Many

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Hiding Your Condition in Hard Times


It’s 3 months after the grid has suffered major disruptions. The cause for this is unimportant. Deliveries of the basics is extremely spotty and FEMA is having a hard time controlling what remains of civilian supply chains. People are hungry, but not starving to death. It seems that most everything is hard to come by. People have made adjustments and, aside from the few vocal protests and the occasional violent display of discontent, the population has settled down into

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