EMP Methods and Preps - Part II

“How does an EMP work?”

In many discussions of EMP, the author describes a series of events: the bomb detonating, the pulse falling and the destruction afterward. Not very often is the pulse creation process explained. Studies since 1986 have published some interesting factoids about EMP generation, and the capabilities of the devices that do it. For instance, it is assumed that the larger nuclear devices within the megaton range produce the hardest hitting pulses. This is true, or not,

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EMP Methods and Preps - Part I

Just thinking about the world of the prepper, and all the things that might cause him to hunker down and open cans of LTS food – makes the head spin. Planning and developing your prep focus requires that you seek knowledge, skills and supplies that will help you deal with more than one scenario at a time. In fact, the more the better. Food is a universal prep. So is water filtration /storage. Same goes for medical training / supplies.

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