A Found Article re: Habeas Corpus - History

From Slate.com

Located this tonight while doing other research. If you were looking for some other reading after review my previous article on the subject, Mr. Joseph Dale Robertson offers a bit more history as to origins, and some thoughts on current implementation and negation.

“Habeas Corpus the Most Extraordinary Writ”

Another article from Encyclopedia.com


Martial Law - Its Form and Reach

Martial Law!

Those two words cause hearts to skip beats. Understood by those words is that, when such a form of control is instituted, personal liberties may be at risk.

There have been a few articles, referencing martial law, recently in the press. I’ve heard support for and against it, with the no-votes coming from a Constitutional view point. Within the Constitution, there is reference to at least one aspect of it, but it’s not something to which I gave

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