H7N9 2-01-14

Nothing big to read for today, just an exhortation to keep reality in the forefront of your mind when reading about H7N9 infections – and to READ about H7N9 infections. As far as this blogger is concerned, the epicenter for information on current news and personal mitigation efforts is over at POTR Blog, http://pissinontheroses.blogspot.com/

I’ve been following various news sources, and certain Twitter feeds. Most have something to offer, but nothing quite so focused or intuitive. For me, it is

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Some Thoughts on Killer Flus, and Government Health (couldn't) Care (less)

From POTR BLog, pissinontheroses.blogspot.com

I don’t generally post whole articles from other blogs, but this one from POTR Blog begs for exposure. I thought it was a fairly good write up on the presence of a killer flu, a government’s medical response (late in coming) and how cost controls in single-payer systems lead to personal tragedy without resource to recompense.

What will China, Canada and the US soon have in common? More than you might expect…


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H7N9 as a Hemorrhagic Flu

It would appear, from a report by POTRBlog that the H7N9 strain in China is a hemorrhagic flu, and that this information has been withheld by the authorities over there. I’m not sure about you all, but I don’t think I would be much a fan of bleeding out from places I’d rather not.

There certainly is a lot of doubt about the mutant progression of the virus, and its potential for human-to-human transmission at a level that spells “pandemic”.

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Swine Flu Info from POTR Blog

A swine flu predictive map from POTRBlog. His video is just over two minutes in length.

Info related to it from his post. “We suspect that the H1N1 Swine Flu honed its virulence at the 2013 Hajj in Saudi Arabia, as such the map in the video is indicative of high density populations which would have primary exposure to Swine Flu returning from the Hajj.”

Turning attention from H5N1 to H7 N9 (new bird flu) for a moment. The death

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H7N9 and the Call to Awake from POTRblog.com

The new H7N9 Avian Influenza is being viewed by HHS as a possible hemorrhagic bird flu, with over 70% chance of a multi-organ death and bleed out, and near 100% chance of death for adults without access to a forced air medical ventilator.

Did you get that? Near 100% chance of death without medical grade ventilator assistance for adults, coupled with major bleed out. If one doesn’t kill you, the other will.

I’ve been following POTR Blog for a long

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Have You Seen PORT-Blog?

Pissin’ On The Roses isn’t exactly the name I would have chosen for a blog that publishes information geared towards educating the public at large about various large scale threats. But I can’t think of another name, so I’ll let them keep it. (When I come up with one, I’ll let them know…. ) 🙂

I was first drawn to it by the reporting on the Fukushima disaster, and the blog’s detection of radioactive materials coming over via the Jet

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Medical Chlorhexidine Gluconate and H7N9


Not as fearful a word as it was prior to the last one which, while hogging the news feeds for some time, really didn’t kill much of the world’s population. 371 people have died from H5N1 since 2003.

But that might change.

H7N9 has taken the path that most new bugs do, which is to say, it has become all the rage in certain medical circles. According to POTRblog, there are federal motions that are a step out of

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