Celox in a Bleeding Test Environment

I am a proponent of Celox. If I could be a reseller, I would unashamedly take it up. I am convinced through reports, studies, anecdotes and training that it does what it says it will, and does it better than any similar blood stop product.

While looking for something to share with you all, I came across a series of videos. They are presented by TACDEVGRU on YouTube. HERE is a link to that channel. Tactical Development Group or, WayOfTheGun.com,

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Gear Review - CRKT Folts Minimalist Knife

CRKT Folts Minimalist, as delivered

I am the happy owner of a new knife as of Christmas afternoon! My family saw fit to grant me an item from my list, God bless them. The CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) Folts Minimalist Wharncliffe.

I was looking for a small, lightweight knife that would not break and was built to stay comfortably under control within my grip. I wanted it to be easily deployed. It needed to pack easily and

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SteriPEN Traveler Bundle - Review

I happened across a SteriPEN product at Costco a while back, and picked it up for inclusion in a kit. If I remember correctly, it was about $45. Checked the price at other outlets on my phone, and felt good about the purchase. Being able to hold one and check it out before forking over the cash was a nice touch. The packaging allow me to study it rather well. I liked that it came with a BPA-free 1 liter

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A Chunnel - and not the English Channel Version

Chickens like to get around. They can be confined for a while but, given their choice, they will opt to get out and stretch their legs. While a farm or a large covered aviary might provide this space for them, backyard chicken keepers are usually limited to a small run for hen happiness.

ZucchiniMom at Suburban Homesteading was pleased to receive a rather original present from her hubby. He built her a Chicken Tunnel, or “Chunnel”, that extended the range

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Prep & Pantry Review

How Much Stuff Do I Have?

Let’s face it. When our preps get to be more than just a few day’s worth of food and related items, remembering what we have gets to be a chore. As the inventory gets even larger, remembering expiration dates and item locations can be overwhelming. Pen & paper and spreadsheets can help, but wouldn’t something like what the supermarkets use be nice to have? How can we quickly scan-in and scan-out things into

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Prep and Pantry

From the Prep and Pantry website

An ingenious individual has added one more great piece to the world of iPhone Apps – Prep and Pantry. Prep and Pantry is an iPhone and iPad based inventory system for all your food stocks, but can also be used for any other item. We have been playing with it here at The Keep, and have found it to be very useful. Other applications are out there, but this one has them beat

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Ka-Bar Fighting Knife Review - as a Bushcraft Knife

While viewing some vids on sharpening, I eventually came across this bushcraft performance review of the venerable Ka-Bar USMC blade. It’s one of my favorites. I recognize a few limitations in its use, but that’s because it was designed for killing people primarily, and jungle survival secondarily as a rather happy accident. Anyway, his tests are straightforward operational procedures chosen for their backwoods utility. I thought it was very well done.

Video is from NaturalBushcraft on YouTube, where there are

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Home and Retreat Video Security

Video Security

Part of establishing security for your home or retreat is the creation of a system of early warning. Early warning systems may include any method of raising an alarm when predefined boundaries have been reached by those looking to gain access to restricted areas. The early warning system is part of a larger security methodology. From a hidden or blended location, to a measured response, your methods must be part of an integrated whole.

Basic security setups might

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Planning for Broadcasted Radiological Contamination

Radiological Effects from Fukushima – DEFENSE, Part I

Scenario – Fukushima 3 and 4 both experience catastrophic failures of their spent fuel rod storage pools, resulting in complete loss of cooling. All fuel rods ignite and, through a series of events, release massive amounts of radioactive material into the jet stream patterns of the northern hemisphere. Private radiation monitoring stations confirm the spread in advance of official warnings and eventual official notification to the public.

Much of this material is

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Shotgun Scabbard

I picked up a Condor Tactical “rifle” scabbard that I later learned is intended for shotguns. I like it anyway. It was hanging on the wall at a store I occasionally visit. My original reason for heading there was to see if they had a shoulder bandoleer setup for shotgun shells, similar to the waist belt version I own. The shot shell holders work well for my .45-70 ammo, which is much the same size as .410 shells. I did

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