Fukushima Radiation Spike in Snow Storm

POTRBlog has recorded a spike in radiation during the snow storm in St. Louis. It began about 6 hours after the snow began to fall. His indoor meter mimicked the outdoor meter, which, as he noted, indicates a gamma radiological hit.

Here is a link to his article at POTR Blog, if you want to see the images. The text of the articles follows….

“As we had predicted, based on the Jet Stream pattern, we did have a radioactive snow

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Freezing Cold Weather with Hot Fukushima Fallout?

Our compatriots over at POTRBlog have an interesting headline on their most recent post.

It reads: “We’re Expecting RADIOACTIVE SNOW, Will Our Geiger Counter Survive -10ºF”

POTRBlog was the first site I encountered that dealt with real-time reports on radioactive particle deposition here in the US, and serious attempts at privately trying to discover the likely origins, and the probability that new types of fallout were indeed from the Fukushima fiasco. I’ve read his work for a couple years, now.

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Fukushima Scare Comes Home to Another

One of the boards I visit has a member in good standing sharing her fears about Fukushima Ground Zero, as far as the US is concerned. The coast of Oregon anecdotally has been hammered by the Jet Stream depositions and potentially biologically delivered radiation from the nuke site.

Here is the link to the thread, http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=332688, and some excerpts from the discussion.

“We have been pouring over new sites from all other countries as well as scientific sites. Fukushima is

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News from the Radioactive Midwest

I haven’t visited POTR blog in a while, and thought I’d pop over there to see what’s up. Well, things are very interesting over there. Seems the random storms are bringing more radiation down to earth, and he can trace it back to Fukushima. The storm of 8/8/12 produced readings 91X greater than background.


Take the above link and see it all. If you don’t have time right now, play this little video below. I would read all the

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Pissin' on the Roses

POTR blog follows and studies radiation detection events in the Midwest, and other places. Beginning with June 11, they have a very interesting study on a radiation event in South Bend, Indiana that occurred on June 6. The Geiger counter used in the detection experienced a “saturation”, and went to a ZERO reading for the duration of the event where particle detection exceeded the tube’s capacity. What we have seen in various movies, where the pipping of the counter goes

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Planning for Broadcasted Radiological Contamination

Radiological Effects from Fukushima – DEFENSE, Part I

Scenario – Fukushima 3 and 4 both experience catastrophic failures of their spent fuel rod storage pools, resulting in complete loss of cooling. All fuel rods ignite and, through a series of events, release massive amounts of radioactive material into the jet stream patterns of the northern hemisphere. Private radiation monitoring stations confirm the spread in advance of official warnings and eventual official notification to the public.

Much of this material is

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Fukushima - A Sword of Damocles

Fukushima 4 Reactor Building

The reactor complex at Fukushima was the subject of major concern after last year’s tsunami off Japan. Depending on who you listen to, there were between one and three nuclear meltdowns or partial meltdowns. The concerns over those have largely fallen to the side for most people (though not us here at ASP). There is a much larger problem, though. It has gone under-reported by my standards.

Each reactor there, and there are 6 of

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Interesting Radiation New Site. Videos.

In a search to locate more information on nuclear contamination and radiation levels (Fuku and others) I came across a few sites. THIS one warrants attention, in my novice opinion. But first, watch this video from October, and listen to their explanations.

Radiation Levels Higher in the US

I follow thew Radiation Network’s update page daily. Over the last couple weeks, it has shown an increased level of radiation in the US. They set the “alert” level at 100. Since I rarely see much over 50, my own “watch” level is set at 50. The image below shows more than a few location in the upper levels. It’s a curiosity to me at the moment, but if it stays high, I’ll be looking into it further. Anyone have

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