EMP Hardening Your Vehicle

The jury is out, and will never come in, on the argument about EMP damage to vehicle electronics. But I don’t need a jury. I only need what I know.

EMP can kill your vehicle engine and transmission control electronics. Yup. Kill it dead for sure!

….or not.

The vulnerability of ECMs and TCMs and MAPs and MAFs and CPSs and ICPs (and all the computers and sensors) to the over-current pulse many fear depends on a few things.


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Build an EMP Box (not a Faraday cage)

EMP Box or Faraday Cage?

A lot of preppers are looking for ways to protect equipment from EMP /CME /E-Bomb events. Discussions on-line almost always devolve into a moray of opinions on how to build a “Faraday Cage” to provide this protection. The assumption is that such a barrier will block all effects of the three events mentioned previously.

Faraday cages are good examples of the perfect conductor, in that the conducted charge is equally spread over the outer layer

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EMP Methods and Preps – Part IV

For the other three posts in this series, see….

Part I, Methods of Killing the Grid Part II, How Does an EMP Work? Part III, What Will Happen? What Might I Expect?

This article deals with an important preparatory item necessary to the survival of electronic equipment and spares that you have decided you can’t do without. That item is commonly known as the “Faraday Cage” (Wiki Article) . For purposes of mitigating the effects of a grid-killing EMP strike,

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