EMP Methods and Preps - Part III

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EMP Methods and Preps – Part I

EMP Methods and Preps – Part II

In the first two parts of this series, I laid out why I believe the threat of an EMP attack on the United States is both possible, and feasible. The returns to the attacker far outweigh his investment in time, technology and the sacrifices among his personnel. I described how certain advances in technology and materials allow attackers to

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“Raging Solar Storm” Hitting Earth – Gizmodo

Source. Gizmodo http://gizmodo.com/5878656/how-this-huge-solar-storm-is-going-to-affect-you

From the article, which makes good reading in its entirety…

The end pretty much sums it up.

The geomagnetic storm will only be “strong G2 with possibilities of G3,” according to Bisecker. In the best case scenario, only power lines will be affected. You will not notice it because any power fluctuations will be handled by companies at the grid level. If the storm is long enough, however, it may damage power grid transformers.

Other than all

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X-Flare CME to hit Sat AM

From Washington Post

If NASA is right, we’re in for a CME impact that could interrupt normal power to our homes and businesses. So, as a precaution, we are shutting off and disconnecting our computers tonight, and will check reports tomorrow morning when we get up.

As of now, NOAA and NASA don’t quite agree on their predictions. NOAA suggests it will be a non-event. (Likely will be, just like most of them.) Survival Mom put up a twitter

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Big Storm is Past, or is it??

. . . . I think it is mostly done for.

According to this article, northward oriented storms pose little threat. Southward, however, can be of the type to work us over fairly well. This article explains it clearly. Read it in its entirety.

“The orientation of the magnetic field in the CME is a big determining factor for how strong or weak the event is going to be,” Young said. “If it’s oriented more southward, which is opposite to

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A Little Update on the Flare

Check out this site for its graphs and definitions. Very informative once you get your head around it. What I took away from it today was the level of HF (HiFreq) radio interference that is probable, and the radiation danger on the ISS.


“Another CME, part of the recent R3 (Strong) Radio Blackout event at 0024 UTC March 7 (7:24 p.m. EST March 6) is forecast to pass ACE early morning UTC on March 8 (start of day EST

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Large X-Class Solar Flare - Resources and News

By now you’ve heard about the X5.4 CME headed our way. If you are wondering what it might mean to us, it is this: We will see disruption of high frequency communications, possible satellite interference and soft resets, and the potential for portions of the power grid to shut down in self protection.

Of course, it could be worse. :>

Here are some resources you can use to monitor this event, and other links for news. Some of these are

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