New Radio for The Keep

Picked up an old Cobra 2000 GTL today, with accessories. Will work it into the radio room preps at The Keep. Very nice addition found at a yard sale. YES, you CAN find some good stuff out there. The great thing about it is that the better half was the one that saw it, sitting on a table, up at the high end of the driveway, where it and its associated gear were sitting because it was too heavy to

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When services crash, our most familiar means of communication can go with them. Tornado, hurricane, earthquake and terror or cyber-attacks can interrupt TV, cable, internet and some radio. An EMP attack threatens do to worse.

It is important to have, at a minimum, a crank-powered radio to receive whatever news might be available. Beyond that, the possibilities open up greatly. Standard NOAA, AM/FM crank radios are everywhere. Get one. Get two. They are inexpensive. If you have the cash and

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