A Few Odds and Ends

Back from a practice run with the mobile retreat, our BORV. All went well, considering my huge lack of sleep and an unusually high intolerance for warmer temperatures. Once again, for those interested, I must stress that a properly suited BORV needs to have storage, storage and STORAGE. If you plan on being self-sufficient while mobile, you have to accept that all needed supplies must be part of your load. Maximizing the possibilities is impossible without storage. It’s even more

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How We Leave for, and Return from, Vacation

When we take off for a trip, long or short, we do so with an eye on who might be watching. Our methodology includes a few key actions that we believe add to our security, and to that of the home we leave behind.

If we are taking our RV, we don’t bring it home and leave with it on go-day. It might come home a week early, or not at all. If early, it is for a clean up,

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Some BORV Upgrade Recommendations

I was going through some information I collected, and decided I should share with you some electrical options for RVs /BOVs. Battery life is always an issue when dry camping. A generator has its advantages, but it needs fuel, and makes noise. It is necessary when running accessories with big current draws – generally those items requiring 120 volts. The 12 volt system can get by without a generator if it uses efficient lighting, and has a decent recharging system

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