Sites to See

Here are some web sites for your enjoyment. Each has its own focus and method for sharing, teaching and connecting. The list is short by choice, and some items include particular reasons for why we think they are important. The list will grow and shrink as we add more from our bookmarks, and remove any that might run astray, or close up and go home.

Individual Pages

Jerry D Young – Author, teacher. Mr. Young’s fiction wraps knowledge and skills within entertaining stories and novels. Many people have come to prepping due to his works over the years, and have found that it really is possible to hope for survival.

Bushcraft and Survival Skills – A large collection of article and videos covering a wide range of topics related to bushcraft, wilderness survival and prepping in general. I was particularly impressed with the collection of videos he has amassed. All information is searchable by topic, and has been accumulating since 2009.

The Survival Mom -Lisa Bedford is an author and frequent blogger. On her site, she and her guest authors cover a wide range of prepping topics. She also holds classes here and there to teach in person what she knows. Interesting, lively and informative site!

Reality Survival – JJ is an ex-USAF SERE instructor, with additional experience we probably shouldn’t talk about (wink wink). His site teaches Wilderness Survival, and is loaded with how-to videos and reviews. It is refreshing that he doesn’t claim to know best, but honestly offers his take on things for anyone to review. His goal is for his site to eventually become the equivalent of a free online survival school. An excellent goal.

The Wannabe Homesteader – Stephanie is sharing her family’s efforts at becoming self-sufficient. Her blog is a friendly place to read about their transition from city dweller to wannabe country denizen. I find her approach refreshing.

The Omega Man Journal – The Omega Man is currently water and sewage treatment facilities operator for a municipality. He shares his experience and thoughts on how people can deal with the realities of water treatment and storage, from rain catchment to wells and filters.

Emme’s Homestead – This YouTube Channel is new as of November 2012. Emme’s focus is on sharing her knowledge on homesteading skills via video. These are instructional videos, but not in any way “classroom” like. They are fun to watch, interesting and salted with interesting little bits of personal history.

Seeking Simplicity – “Gentle living in a complex world. Mother, farmer, baker, and herbalist seeking a simpler way of life. Living on a small farm with children, dairy goats, pigs, chickens, ducks, turkeys, trout, and dogs. We grow produce and herbs for our own use and for sale. I am currently studying for a master of herbalogy and a doctorate of naturopathy and always seeking a simpler and slower way of living.”

Surviving Economic Collapse – A father’s take on preparedness with a financial flavor to it. Tips and thoughts on preparing while watching your bucks (and others).

SurvivalBlog – Rawles’ Survival Blog. I particularly like the news section at the end of each day’s posts. Economics and Investing, and Odds ‘n Sods generally supply me with information in line with my interests and concerns.


MeetUP – Not a dedicated prepper site, but there are people looking to connect with each other. You can either search for a prepper meeting, or create a group and administer a meeting yourself.

Prepper Groups – Meet and greet for preppers all over, divided into regions. Read or post information about preppers looking to meet up for various reasons. Similar to Meet Up, but focused entirely on prepping individuals and groups. The site has a forum for discussion.

American Preppers Network – A region-based organization, with a focus on teaching and gathering. Ever growing, APN seeks to create communities of preppers in the belief that mutual support is key to survival.


SurvivalistBoards – A large and active forum (sometimes, TOO active). Kev’s site will turn up answers to your questions. Join up and remember, “SEARCH” is your friend! (Also has local groups wherein you might arrange for meetups.)

Search Engines

ixquick– Secure web searches with no data logging.

CraigsList Search Tempest – Ever wanted to search all across CraigsList without having to search within each little zone? This tool makes that possible. Fast WIDE searches. If you use CraigsList a lot, you have to see this site.

Information Pages

Adjutant Briefing – A compilation of information sources, aggregated into one place. Weather, solar, seismic, DHS, financial news. RSS feeds from all over. It is part of my morning reading every day.

POTR Blog (Pissin’ on the Roses) – A blog that focuses on large scale threats-in-the-making, or on the march. POTR has been following active threats from Fukushima, and lately, the flu pandemics.

TACDA – “The mission of The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA) is to provide education, products and resources that empower American Citizens with a comprehensive understanding of reasonable preparedness strategies and techniques …. in the event of nuclear, biological, chemical or other man-made and natural disasters.”


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