Radiation Info

Maps, tools and information resources.

Radiation Network – Real-time map of rad detection centers across the US and some locations over the globe. At this time (%-20-2012) it appears to be the most comprehensive site on the net. RadNet sells detectors and software for analysis.

http://potrblog.com/ – Pi***** On The Roses site. Very interesting monitoring and explanation of radioactive transient and fallout readings. Active blogging on anomalous readings. This is a great companion to the Radiation Network above.

RadNet Data – The EPA’s Radiation Monitoring system data presentation.  Read HERE about RadNet and its near-real-time data.

Black Cat Systems – This site has a limited graphical display of the US, but also includes links to graphs generated in Japan. They claim a background reading level between 5 and 28 for the US, for cesium and cobalt isotopes Cs137/Co60. Black Cat sells detectors and software for analysis.

Seattle Washington – Their own integrated radiation sensor map. May be useful for pacific plume detection. Near real-time data.

Japan Geiger Map – Real time Japanese radiation information on a map. Detailed levels.








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