Gear Review - Pocket Power Solar Battery

One little neato device given to me by my dear wife is a backup power battery for phones and tablets. The particular brand is Pocket Power, but I discovered that there are a few other sources selling it with different names. I couldn’t get a good picture of it in the lighting I have at my desk right now, so I “borrowed” an image from Amazon, of what is essentially the same exact animal.

Image from

This little

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You and Family on the Road

The last few days, in the midst of attacks from some old and newer injuries deciding to gang up on me, I had various streams of thought flood my head. They all centered on convoys of private vehicles. No surrounding settings or conditions, such as some big event causing people to go here and there in a panic. No big flashes, or news reports or crush of refugees. Just various sizes of convoys in differing configurations moving down the highways

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Updated “Silencing a Cheap Noisey Generator”

Update HERE.

Cardio Training Option

Not everyone has time and location suited for jogging off into the sunset, or hiking to a mountain base camp. They might not be able to afford a treadmill, or have the space for even a fold-up model if they did. But there is a tight space, full body cardio option for those with otherwise healthy joints and muscles – the jump rope.

I use a speed rope I picked up years ago, when I’m not assaulted by one or

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Plasticizing our Windows

In an earlier post, I shared with you how it is possible to afix a plastic barrier over older windows to create an air gap. This provides the window with extra insulation. I wanted to follow up on one window in particular.

It is in our rear bedroom. This window is of the older aluminum frame type, which is crazy efficient at passing heat. Winter heat goes right outdoors, and summer heat comes right INdoors! To make things worse, that

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Gear Review - CRKT Folts Minimalist Knife

CRKT Folts Minimalist, as delivered

I am the happy owner of a new knife as of Christmas afternoon! My family saw fit to grant me an item from my list, God bless them. The CRKT (Columbia River Knife & Tool) Folts Minimalist Wharncliffe.

I was looking for a small, lightweight knife that would not break and was built to stay comfortably under control within my grip. I wanted it to be easily deployed. It needed to pack easily and

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Tilapia Without the Health Risks - Raise Your Own

Image from, via OffTheGridNews

I found a very nice article and video on a small scale Tilapia raising method. Check out this article over at Off The Grid News. It discusses a 1,000 gallon /250 fish system that can be run in a basement. I looked at the math, and based on his ratios (and my own experience raising fresh and salt water fish), it would be dirt simple to set up a small 100 gallon /50 fish

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Fukushima Scare Comes Home to Another

One of the boards I visit has a member in good standing sharing her fears about Fukushima Ground Zero, as far as the US is concerned. The coast of Oregon anecdotally has been hammered by the Jet Stream depositions and potentially biologically delivered radiation from the nuke site.

Here is the link to the thread,, and some excerpts from the discussion.

“We have been pouring over new sites from all other countries as well as scientific sites. Fukushima is

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Where is all the 22lr Ammunition?

22lr is hard to get. We had a shelf supply issue a while back that went away. But the situation has returned. Here is a video that one prepper made to explain his thought on it.

I’m not in his camp. I do believe the production has increased, but I also believe there are forces working against its distribution. Personal experience tells me that it isn’t hitting the shelves like it should be, or else the counter men I speak

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Your Online Activity Being Watched

I try not to get too political on this blog. It isn’t really productive when it comes to your efforts at hardening your life against ill effects. Politics generally raise temperatures and polarize discussions. That doesn’t mean I don’t have views. I just don’t like to make them a topic.

That said, I feel I need to state some obvious facts here, that some people obviously don’t consider. The biggie is this: Everything you do, and I mean EVERYTHING, is

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