Observations Regarding Hurricane Sandy

Plan A will generally require the assistance of Plan B. But what if there is no Plan B?

Or, in the meaning-laden question of a friend of mine, “Are you ready?”

News feeds from the Sandy Theater of Operations illustrate the reality of conditions that live large and powerful within internet PAW fiction and prepper guru predictions. It can get ugly, even with FEMA preparations and promises. Words, fliers and official FAQs are useless when it comes to providing disaster

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Jury Duty Done

After years of work on the case, the court was presented with more info requiring a postponement. So, we were all released. It was just getting interesting……

efoods Direct

Anyone know if efoods direct is GMO free on all its products? I received a test package from them that says we can look for one of their many seals of quality. I haven’t seen even one. Is this just an oddity?

Jury Duty

I’m currently in the process of jury selection. I’ve heard of long selection routines, but this one is very tiring. They say this thing might take 4 weeks after the jury is seated. Amazing. The witness list is two pages long.

Well, it’s for the good. If they keep me on it, I’ll do my best to ensure proper decorum in the jury room. I’ve been there before…

Facebook Profiles and Security

Made a new friend on FB in the last few days, who has expressed to me issues regarding privacy and security.

My dear wife is an “expert” on FB security. She does the research and tunes her accounts well. I follow suit, mostly, and have things fairly well locked-down for my private page, but wide open for the public page.

What I will suggest for people with privacy concerns are these: Either learn to lock it down to your satisfaction,

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Goat Milking Series from Twitter

A follower on Twitter (@SurvivingNStyle) posted 5 short Youtube videos on how she goes about her goat milking. I found them to be entertaining and easy to watch. If you’re new to goats, or considering getting a few, this might be for you.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rXVGn1zOzI4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p56W2HJp984 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tm7xIZu0TmQ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zD9sVGUzTgY http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OKzSTdI95BI

Prep and Pantry

From the Prep and Pantry website

An ingenious individual has added one more great piece to the world of iPhone Apps – Prep and Pantry. Prep and Pantry is an iPhone and iPad based inventory system for all your food stocks, but can also be used for any other item. We have been playing with it here at The Keep, and have found it to be very useful. Other applications are out there, but this one has them beat

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A Found Article re: Habeas Corpus - History

From Slate.com

Located this tonight while doing other research. If you were looking for some other reading after review my previous article on the subject, Mr. Joseph Dale Robertson offers a bit more history as to origins, and some thoughts on current implementation and negation.

“Habeas Corpus the Most Extraordinary Writ”

Another article from Encyclopedia.com


Will This Faraday Cage Work?

I’m not sure that the open mesh created by screen material will work in defeating the effects of an EMP pulse . I’m a believer in complete sealing and shut out – a metal box with a metal seal. The silencing of the radio is interesting, but that only shows that one range of freqs is attenuated. EMP pulses are expected to produce energy over a wide spectrum. I’m curious, though.

Potential issues that I see are:

The radio’s antenna

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Jerry D Young

I’m sure all of you have noticed the picture of grizzled ole Jerry Young to the right of this page. Among the adds that adorn that section, his likeness stands apart and anchors a link to his own home on the web. Just about everything he’s written is available there, and most of that for free.

I point people to Jerry’s works when I discover that they are new to prepping, need pointers and appreciate literature. While the short road

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