Home Invasion - Some Thoughts

Someone looking to invade an occupied home is not likely to spend a lot of time breaking in. They will kick in a door or use a breaching tool of some sort, or crash a window or sliding glass door. But in the reports I’ve read about break-ins in my surrounding areas, most of these things are done via the front door.

I was thinking about the heavy security “screen doors”. They will slow down some, but with the right

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Blueberry Pruning

Every Prepper worth his salt loves blueberries, and has at least 85 plants in his “garden”, right?

Well, perhaps not, but we do have several plants in 15 gallon containers here at The Keep. Pruning them has been much of a mystery to me. Read a couple articles, a book and spoke with the owner of a nursery. Nothing beats an educated demonstration, though. I found a lot of YouTube vids on the subject. It seems that there are a

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A Chunnel - and not the English Channel Version

Chickens like to get around. They can be confined for a while but, given their choice, they will opt to get out and stretch their legs. While a farm or a large covered aviary might provide this space for them, backyard chicken keepers are usually limited to a small run for hen happiness.

ZucchiniMom at Suburban Homesteading was pleased to receive a rather original present from her hubby. He built her a Chicken Tunnel, or “Chunnel”, that extended the range

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Prep & Pantry Review

How Much Stuff Do I Have?

Let’s face it. When our preps get to be more than just a few day’s worth of food and related items, remembering what we have gets to be a chore. As the inventory gets even larger, remembering expiration dates and item locations can be overwhelming. Pen & paper and spreadsheets can help, but wouldn’t something like what the supermarkets use be nice to have? How can we quickly scan-in and scan-out things into

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The last time they tried this...

… we had Hitler claiming that Germany was the first country to have complete gun registration. Their first gun registry was just before the confiscation of all weapons, and signaled the beginning of a hellish period in world history.

“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” – Adolph Hitler

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Private Drone Shot Down

An octo-copter is like many other privately built personal-use R/C aircraft. As the name implies, it is a copter flown with 9 motors. We have posted articles here on tri-copters and quad-copters. The more rotors you have, the greater life you have. Depending on configuration, the greater number of rotors means greater survivability if one or more fail or are disabled.

Here is a story about an octo in Berks County, PA, that was partially disabled by gun shot. It

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Silencing a Cheap Noisey Generator

Pulled from a post on a forum, and cleaned up for usage here.

Your generator can give away your state of preparedness to lots of people at just the wrong time. When they want power, and you announce that you have it, there can be conflict. To keep it and your other supplies from being “borrowed”, you need to keep it quiet enough so that only the closest people can hear it. If you can do better than that, great!

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Short-term Emergency Power in a Disaster

Localized or even regional disasters have a shelf life. After a while, they aren’t such a big deal any more. But while they are here, the loss of power that sometimes comes with them should be something you include in your planning.

The news reports leading up to expected trouble, such as we see with oncoming hurricanes, usually include notes on generators flying off the shelves and quickly becoming scarce. No matter how many hurricanes come through an area, there

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Our Beloved Marine Corp, Happy Birthday!! 237 Years!!

That’s right, today is the birthday of the USMC. I hope all of you wonderful people have something special come your way today. I’ll be thinking about you, and remembering those who can’t come home – ever. God bless you folks!!


The RV Bug Out Practice Run

Each bug out plan needs to be run on occasion. For the RVer, this is little more than doing what you do for a snap shot trip, with some modifications. Going over RV BOVs, we can quickly see that they take the form of:

Motor Homes of all classes Truck /camper rigs Travel and Fifth Wheel trailers Tent trailers and small tear-drop type trailers

Each of these has its own pre-trip readiness requirements. I believe that most owners have their

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