Out Ill

Been down with the flu. Ugly thing, but I believe it is on its way out. Sorry to be away for so long. Had to prioritize a few things.

I did learn something while I was out, though, TheraFlu works. Mine is the cider flavored version. Has 650mg of pain killer in it, too. Beat the other cold and flu meds I tried, and actually tastes half way decent. I recommend it for any of you that are under the

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The Real Direction of Drones Overhead

Higher and higher, smarter and smarter and with better eyes than any eagle could ever evolve. I’ve been talking about drones for private use for a while now. Well, here is some information about government drones and your privacy. Keep in mind while looking at this information, that the technology discussed is already in use, with the distinct possibility of having already been replaced with superior equipment. The advancement of technology knows no end point.

Here are some links I

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What’s New Here?

You may have noticed a few extra menu options, a couple little links to the right and some fitfull apps running here and there. We’re working on a social networking feature. Originally, it was supposed to be part of this very site. It will, though, be an associated site, closely linked to this one.

Yes, it is supposed to be an answer to FaceBook. Not quite sure how well it will operate. We are working with 3 different systems right

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National Preppers and Survivalist EXPO

Dave, one of our new SurvivalSpot! members posted this today, and I thought it was worth mentioning on the front page, here.

“I wanted to share some information for those readers who may live in Tennessee, if you do, there will be The National Preppers and Survivalist EXPO in Nashville in March. This is the first one I have seen here. There link is http://www.npsexpo.com/“


New Site Feature – SurvivalSpot! Networking

Here at A Survival Plan, we have been toying around with a few things of late. You may have noticed a click-able link to the right – one that goes NOWHERE. You might have noticed a Forum link in the menu that goes to an unpopulated and unused forum. You may have asked, “Whattatheydoin?”

If you’re really on your game, you would also have noticed the SurvivalSpot! page that also inhabits the menu.

All of these strange happenings are part

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Miniature Drone /UAV Sniffs Wi-fi and Cell Conversations

Image from Wired.com

You may now add to the list of technology that can and will spy on your wireless internet connections, home networks and cell phone conversations. The WASP, or Wireless Aerial Surveillance Platform, can do all this, and keep on doing it for quite some time – orbiting overhead silently.

14 pounds and 6 feet long, the retired military drone was converted for this new task by researchers Mike Tassey and Richard Perkins. Its purpose is to

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UAV /Drone Idea

While researching some info on private drones, I came across an article that describes using a flare gun to launch a camera into the air. The idea is to launch a small wireless camera and review the imagery for important info. Applications? Search and rescue. small area recon. Bug out recon. But this method fails to take cost into account.

I would consider launching a gliding drone instead. With rudder and elevator, a glider can return to the operator for

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The American Redoubt on Survivalblog.com

From SurvivalBlog.com

Jim Rawles is a promoter of what he calls The American Redoubt. This is a geographic region of the US where people seem to be relocating in order to find safety for a common set of beliefs, politics and practices. I had given some thought to such an idea years ago, but it seems to soon for such tribal gatherings. Over time, people in my circles expressed interest in such a thing. When he posited this a

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EMP Attack will Destroy Infrastructure in Cascading Fashion

This article takes the EMP concerns many have and increases their numbers. The key to the initial event leading to massive destruction in secondary and tertiary events is the SCADA infrastructure present just about everywhere. The Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition systems are responsible for the control and operation of natural gas lines, oil refineries, dams and water system flow, electrical grid power flow and more. Give this article a read. It passes my “smell test” handily.

Think EMP Would

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What if You Aren't There?

I was reading a good article describing types of brain injuries at Doom and Bloom. “Traumatic Head Wounds” describes how various head injuries progress from initial injury to possible outcomes. It is worth reading.

I got to thinking, though, about the effects head and other injuries have on others – when the injured person dies. Imagine, if you will, a scenario wherein the individuals involved rely on a relative few of their number for major supply and protection. If persons

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