"Stingray" Phone Sniffer Use Ruled Lawful

Anyone can be targeted for cell-phone tapping with a Stingray device, even though usage of that device will certainly collect similar information from all other phones in the area. The innocent parties will not be notified that their cell phone information has been captured. It works by spoofing cell towers, and fooling phones into thinking they are connected to their networks as usually done. But in these cases, all information passes through the Stingray.


Use Ruled Lawful: From Tech

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Making Biodiesel with a Commercial Kit - Pop Mech

An article from Popular Mechanics, dated back to 2009. If you are new to home-grown diesel production, know first that the quality of the fuel depends largely on you – are your research beforehand. Not all systems are the same. Some require additives that others don’t. All require that you follow the designer’s procedures. There are also the dnagers associated with storing and processing flammables in the presence of electrical equipment.

One other thing. You might end up violating the

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Medical Chlorhexidine Gluconate and H7N9


Not as fearful a word as it was prior to the last one which, while hogging the news feeds for some time, really didn’t kill much of the world’s population. 371 people have died from H5N1 since 2003.

But that might change.

H7N9 has taken the path that most new bugs do, which is to say, it has become all the rage in certain medical circles. According to POTRblog, there are federal motions that are a step out of

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Allow a Search of Your House for a Terrorist?

Just a quick note. Upon reading the boards, watching on Facebook and Twitter, there are some conversations going on regarding our Constitutional rights and unreasonable searches. It seems that there are very vocal people on both sides of the debate.

What’s the debate, you ask? Were the police warrantless searches of houses, looking for the 2nd Boston bomber, allowable?

One side takes the stand that no, no cop is coming into my house without a warrant. I have a right

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The 2nd Boston Massacre, and Prepper Lessons

(( I began to write this on Tuesday. Events kept me from completing it, so the tenses herein might be a little off, considering it is a week after the event. ))

We were hit again. Already the “false flag operation” theories are flying, and I’ve seen some damnably weak “reasoning” in support of them. I’m not going to get caught up in that mess, because the promoters of them are no more in the know than the majority of

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The Latest on the Micro-Drone Stage

The logical direction of the development of miniature UAVs is:

Smaller packages Heavier payloads per pound Greater surveillance capabilities Reduced cost Simpler Operation Automated mission profiles and possible networked “swarms”

Here are some articles along those lines.

From Britain, a tome on terrorist usage of armed miniatures.

Regulating miniature drones.

Who gets to fly drones?

Waves of drones on the way, and what it might mean.

The Private Drones Industry is like Apple in 1984 – True!



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North Korea the Puppet, China the Puppetmaster?

For two generations of Sungs and Ils, the North Korean dictators’ club has been alternately propped-up, and reigned in by their much larger relation, China. Support for the little pit of communist decline has come from very few friends. To assume that decades of tradition between the two countries has somehow changed would be to assume that Kim Jung Un is smarter, more politically adept and experienced than his predecessors.

The North is shouting its biggest threats yet, and seems

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North Korea has Nukes Deliverable Via Missile?

Not sure I believe it. Not sure at all. That’s a huge step, and even if they could package one small enough to conceivably be lifted aloft, they then have to work out the targeting problems.

Still, for whatever reason, the DIA has let slip their supposed belief that the North does indeed have that capability.

Read the news article on CSMonitor.

EMP Attack Threat - North Korea

I’ll preface this posting with the following:

I don’t believe North Korea has an EMP device, or a nuke large enough to do the job, or a delivery system powerful enough to properly position the weapon. I also believe we possess the ability with THAAD and other systems to destroy any missile launched under threat circumstances.

On the other hand…. I am increasingly wary of that “satellite” they put up recently and its low orbit, 17 second period rotation “blinder”.

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The Romans 13 Problem

Christians are sometimes challenged with a certain passage within Romans 13 when discussing the right to self defense and their obligations to “authority”. I came across a study on this yesterday that I found to be very enlightening. Along with an explanation of what the root words for authority and tribute happen to be and mean, it also provided an argument in favor of the wholesale rebellion of the American colonists against Great Britain – though it never intended to.

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