Russian Boomers To Begin Patrolling

Boomers. Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines. The deadliest and most powerful weapon systems ever developed, have largely been the operating bragging rights of the USA. The downfall of the USSR saw the decline of Russian submarine operations excepts for a few high profile “discoveries” made by older boats.

Now they have the first of a new class of nuke boat, though its roots are in the 90s.

Credit: Reuters Alexander Demianchuk

From Reuters: Russia to send nuclear submarines to

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Some Ideas on Hardening Your Home

Came across this article. Thought I’d pass it along….

EMP Attack – Methods and Preps

Well, I logged in to work on the draft of the EMP article, and discovered that it did not save as I would have liked. Specifically, it lost all but 3 paragraphs.

Coincidence? Hehe. I know better than to do all but the shortest of articles outside of the site’s admin editor page….

Now, I must rebuild it. Oh, joy……

Ironman and the Swarming Suits

Ironman 3 was entertaining on a few points. Who would have expected Ben Kingsley?


Toward the end, there is a scene (spoiler alert……) where we see multiple Ironman suits flying without a human encased within. They are under Jarvis’ control at the behest of Stark. They undergo dramatic offensive attack maneuvers to defeat multiple enemies. Jarvis does a great job of commanding the effort, under the management of Stark himself.

Back in 1983, Roy Scheider starred in a

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EMP Vulnerability Article from

Chaos from the Sky: Why the EMP Threat Is Real

This Heritage Blog article is in line with one I began a couple weeks ago, and haven’t completed. I’ll do so this week. (Cutting down some information into digestible pieces) It highlights certain important elements from the EMP debate the quietly rages across the nation. It is the elephant no one wants to recognize, yet they talk behind its back as they go into the next room.

The central thought

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Homemade Smoke Flares

…from The King of Random. Get interesting when he begins to alter the mixture. Imagine a larger flare – output and duration.

Making Your Own Mosquito Repellent

From The Ready Store comes this article on making your own mosquito repellent. The Lemon Eucalyptus looking interesting to me.


Puyallup, Washington Sics Police on Parents

Not really. But, they did take that approach for a training exercise. Somehow, angry parents now warrant a police response since they are obviously the central power in crime in America. Shooting drills with a ticked-off mom as the target – are they really necessary in America? What about free speech? I know some women come born with assault-mouths, but they are hardly weapons against anything other than the receiver’s ears.

Read the article and watch the video.

The only

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.40 cal at a Good Price - Freedom Munitions

“Get your .40 here!”

“Fresh new .40 here!!”

Caught wind of a remanufactured-ammo dealer that has .40 cal for the equivalent of less than $20 per box. Not bad for FMJ. You do need to purchase in quantities of 500, though.

Freedom Munitions. On the left hand side of thier page, there is a “In Stock Now” link, which sadly, is sparsely populated due to the run on everything ammo these days. The other caliber they currently stock is .50

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"Stingray" Phone Sniffer Use Ruled Lawful

Anyone can be targeted for cell-phone tapping with a Stingray device, even though usage of that device will certainly collect similar information from all other phones in the area. The innocent parties will not be notified that their cell phone information has been captured. It works by spoofing cell towers, and fooling phones into thinking they are connected to their networks as usually done. But in these cases, all information passes through the Stingray.


Use Ruled Lawful: From Tech

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