Surveillance State Reporting Grows

Remember those guys that said everyone was being watched? Remember the tin foil hats they wore? Wanna buy one??

I hear they are in very short supply….

Just some of the stories that are so prominent these days. I remember when getting info on these activities was an exercise in dark-net scrounging. Now it’s main stream.

Try this on for size. The FBI wants deep installation of meta-data fishing software installed in major ISP networks. Makes it easier to get

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When Thee is no Dentist

This is why you should have your dental work done NOW. Hehehe… :>

Survival Chat

Last Wednesday, we tried out our chat room for the first time. Had some issues, but found out that our host server may have been tangled up in that internal comm problem so many were having.

So, we’re going to give it another go. Next session is this Monday, Aug 5, at 1800 Pacific time. The password for the room will be given out 10 minutes prior to the session. We have no topic picked, though soon, if the room

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The Expected Riots

… did not occur.

I am very glad. Out nation does not excel by reason of its diversity. It excels in the face of it – in spite of it. What differences each group holds dear would rends such a diverse nation, yet we have held together over the centuries.

Still, more often than we should, we produce individuals that would search and find, and then exploit the cracks in our unified structure. They would seek to amplify the natural

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DataRaping by our Protectors

To enable the raping of your private data, your data has to first be available. With the news reports of federal and state data collection making waves across the land, we would be wise to suppose that there are even more examples of this travesty yet to come.

Enter ObamaCare. According to, we now have the pleasure of seeing how one more set of programs is ready to take, store and share our data without our consent. All we

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When is Prepping Not?

When the poop has hit the fan, that’s when.

Prepping seems to be taking on a new definition lately. I’ve read a few articles describing camping out as prepping. Same with bugging out (except as a test), bugging in and taking vacation.

Is this a grammar cop thing? Maybe. But distinctions exist for a reason, so I’m writing about this tiny little inconsequential distinction.

To be ready to tackle an issue, any issue, you need to prepare for it. Tests

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Home Security

One of the upgrades done to a home in order to make it more secure is the double-sided steel door, or steel clad door. They can be plain or decorative, but each is a steel shell with a hard foam or wooden core. They take quite a beating from hammers and saws, and make it hard for the average criminal to gain entrance.

With advanced criminals learning to take advantage of police-styled “dynamic entry” methods and tools, it is worth

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Fukushima News

It’s not often far from my mind. The reactor meltdowns at Fukushima can not just go away. No cleanup is possible, and the stability of the cores is pretty much a mystery. But hey, what we don’t hear about can’t hurt us, right?

Here are a few articles referenced on a buddy’s site, Disaster Web. These are for your reading pleasure.

Officials report “troubling discovery” at Fukushima nuclear plant: Cesium levels rocket 9,000% over 3 days in groundwater — Tepco

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Monkey See – Monkey Do

Police raids are in the news more and more for their violence, lack of care for those being raided, dog killings – and all of these no-knock raids appear to be fashion shows for the latest military sales to police departments across the land. It’s as if the best stories of abuse are justification for greater efforts at the same.

One does bad, gets away with it – and another seeks to top it.

Criminals conducting home invasions also are

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EMP Methods and Preps - Part II

“How does an EMP work?”

In many discussions of EMP, the author describes a series of events: the bomb detonating, the pulse falling and the destruction afterward. Not very often is the pulse creation process explained. Studies since 1986 have published some interesting factoids about EMP generation, and the capabilities of the devices that do it. For instance, it is assumed that the larger nuclear devices within the megaton range produce the hardest hitting pulses. This is true, or not,

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