Winter Checklists, Anyone?

While not a list of prep chores, I do have a general gotta-do list of sorts. Things I would like to do, body aches permitting, before things get really damp and wet.

Clean the gutters Cut one particular branch off a tree out front Re-roof the chicken run Paint the chicken coop and secure the rear weather guard Re-wrap both kennels Take the accumulated junk on the west end to the dump Paint exposed trim here and there Plastic seal

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The Destroyer Cometh

I was doing some work on Part III of the EMP series when my wife called my attention to an insidious problem. “Unsorted Bag” of our medical preps had become contaminated. This was a small bag plastic /vinyl bag about 15″ long, 7″ wide with a zipper closure along the top, and two flexible handles. Just an ordinary black bag with four rubber feet along the bottom. In it was an assortment of Celox products, Potassium Iodate and packets of

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SteriPEN Traveler Bundle - Review

I happened across a SteriPEN product at Costco a while back, and picked it up for inclusion in a kit. If I remember correctly, it was about $45. Checked the price at other outlets on my phone, and felt good about the purchase. Being able to hold one and check it out before forking over the cash was a nice touch. The packaging allow me to study it rather well. I liked that it came with a BPA-free 1 liter

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List of NBC Shelter Builders

There is a definite increase in interest for bomb /fallout /blast /weather /bio-chem attack shelters this last year. Doomsday Bunkers helped raise general awareness among the average Joe and Jane. Prepper interest, though, seems to have leaped from “I’d like to….” to “Maybe we can sell off a few things and get on board. People are concerned with various scenarios, and bunkers (underground shelters) can reduce or eliminate the effects of these.

EMP Nuclear Attack Fallout Societal Collapse Biological Warfare

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Tulips General Store - Home of the Naughty Goat

A friend of mine is taking over the reigns of a small shop that showcases the local talents of a town in Wisconsin. They will open their own shop there, with her hubby. The Naughty Goat is getting a new home. I want to spread the word about this new endeavor, as both Emme and Chris have shown that they are kind and sharing people with loads of creativity. They have quite a story of tragedy and victory, and this

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H7N9 and the Call to Awake from

The new H7N9 Avian Influenza is being viewed by HHS as a possible hemorrhagic bird flu, with over 70% chance of a multi-organ death and bleed out, and near 100% chance of death for adults without access to a forced air medical ventilator.

Did you get that? Near 100% chance of death without medical grade ventilator assistance for adults, coupled with major bleed out. If one doesn’t kill you, the other will.

I’ve been following POTR Blog for a long

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And now, for a little music....

Why? Because I can. I tickle the keys a little now and then. Here si one I am working on. Absolutely beautiful. Magnificent in recording, and in person.

And another. This one I learned years ago, but I need to resurrect it.

I suppose it is a minor “OpSec” (so much is made of that word… sigh) violation, but yes, I DO love the music of Horowitz.

Gotta add another one. Here is Horowitz turning the Steinway into

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Interesting Design Tidbit from Utah Shelter Systems

Utah Shelter Systems may very well be the best NBC shelter manufacturer in the US. The proprietors, Sharon Packer and Paul Seyfried, have many years of experience behind them, backed up with education in various areas that pertain directly to their shelter work. They have tried hard to keep costs down while providing great builds. If you have not yet visited their web site, and are in any way interested in shelters, go over to Utah Shelter Systems and have

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Have You Seen PORT-Blog?

Pissin’ On The Roses isn’t exactly the name I would have chosen for a blog that publishes information geared towards educating the public at large about various large scale threats. But I can’t think of another name, so I’ll let them keep it. (When I come up with one, I’ll let them know…. ) 🙂

I was first drawn to it by the reporting on the Fukushima disaster, and the blog’s detection of radioactive materials coming over via the Jet

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Information Security - Update

Well, the argument on the forums concerning the NSA’s ability to crack e-mail encryption seems to have been resolved.

They can.

The agency has fulfilled a decades-long quest to break the encryption of e-mail, online purchases, electronic medical records and other Web activities, the New York Times, the U.K.’s Guardian and ProPublica reported yesterday. The NSA also has been given access to — or found ways to enter — databases of major U.S. Internet companies operating the most popular e-mail

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