Winterizing Your Home

We pay for our heat. With cash we labor to earn. Then we pump that heat out into the cold winter air in an effort to make wildlife more comfortable. Noble, huh?

There are a few things we can do to slow the heat loss without spending more than we might otherwise with a new set of windows and other structural improvements and repairs.


Drafty windows rob heat, which is the same as stealing your heating cash. Plasticizing your

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Going to M.A.R.S.?

Came across the Military Auxiliary Radio System today. It serves as an amateur radio extension /backup to worldwide military communications missions. MARS is assigned to United States Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM). With over 5,000 members currently, it works to backup official military communications during emergencies and crisis.

Sounds like fun! I discovered it while over at the TACDA site, looking at Civil Defense organization and education resources. Amateur radio operators can use their skills to help the nation

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EMP Methods and Preps – Part IV

For the other three posts in this series, see….

Part I, Methods of Killing the Grid Part II, How Does an EMP Work? Part III, What Will Happen? What Might I Expect?

This article deals with an important preparatory item necessary to the survival of electronic equipment and spares that you have decided you can’t do without. That item is commonly known as the “Faraday Cage” (Wiki Article) . For purposes of mitigating the effects of a grid-killing EMP strike,

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A little video about a nationwide blackout...

I’m not sure how long this video will be up on YouTube, but American Blackout, by NatGeo, was posted recently.

For some easy reading about EMP, the more likely attack method for a grid-kill, see our three part series. (Fourth to come soon.)


Defensive Ammunition News

The US has exactly ONE lead smelting plant left. At the beginning of next year, not too long off, the US will have NONE. The Herculaneum smelter is the last primary ore smelter in existence. Several recycling operations will continue to run, but large bulk smelting is a thing of the past.

EPA regulations, jacked-up to 10x their recent levels, make it impossible to update this plant to new standards. It isn’t known if constructing a new plant from the

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Visitors (good ones) in my home...

I was surprised by some very welcome vsitors from a few stats away on Thursday. They are still here, and no, they are not like fish. They came to celebrate a special day with me and the missus, and in good time, too. Haven’t seen them in months, and it has greatly amped my happiness score.

The last few months have been dominated by an unexpected, and somewhat pressurizing time at work. That is drawing to a close, but it

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EMP Methods and Preps - Part III

For previous parts of this series, see:

EMP Methods and Preps – Part I

EMP Methods and Preps – Part II

In the first two parts of this series, I laid out why I believe the threat of an EMP attack on the United States is both possible, and feasible. The returns to the attacker far outweigh his investment in time, technology and the sacrifices among his personnel. I described how certain advances in technology and materials allow attackers to

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Marksmanship Training Video - WWII

The Appleseed Project seeks to educate everyday Americans in the art of marksmanship – the goal being to produce “riflemen” in the classic sense. Methods and tests are based on US Army training and qualification tests. Anyone who has attended an Appleseed course will recognize immediately the principles taught in these training videos from WWII. The techniques taught are still valid. There are a good two hours of instruction here. The quality of the video isn’t top notch, but it

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Of Cats and Dogs

People are usually either dog people or cat people. I happen to be both, though I lean a bit more towards cats. Both are intelligent, and can be trained. The belief that cats are aloof is a myth, in my opinion. The five we have are all personable, and three of them actually know and obey commands. (The older two used to, but have entered a new stage of life…) We held and handled all of them from kittens. They

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No More Rack

Hehe. My wife, obviuosly the better and smater half, said I should share a link with y’all. NoMoreRack. It is a shopping site with a wide variety of offers, time sensitive deals and general savings. As of right now, I see a 5000mAh solar rechargeable emergency backup battery for various devices. Comes with adapters. $20. 83% off regular price.

$12 dollar widow hammer with seat belt cutter. (Searched under “emergency”)

Worth checking out if you are in to discount sites.

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