Nuclear Effects Tools

(New mappers added 10/06/2016.)

These web tools will assist you in determining your risk under specific circumstances, based on yield and distance. Do you want to know how your location would be affected by blast, heat and radiation if that base near you ever gets nuked? Each of these has something good to offer.

Something to keep in mind when using simulators to gauge your vulnerability. The primary goal of your work should be to determine if you are within the damaging blast pressure radius, or pressure ring, of a likely hit near you. Be realistic in building your scenario building. Valid targets for a Russian attack are military bases and supply /arms depots, official government communications hubs, cities over 200K in population and paved runways with a minimum length of 7,000 feet. Plot these locations on your maps. Russian SSBN missile warheads will be 100-450kt. ICBMs *may* deliver 750Kt. For extreme purposes, assume that military targets of importance, such as airbases and large depots will receive 1.5Mt minimum. (This link is to a study on inventories.) See if your location falls within the 2.5psi pressure ring.  If it does, your stick-built home will survive with some broken windows. If it is within a greater pressure ring, you have some advanced planning to do.

Nuke Map – A simulator that allows for Airburst altitude settings. It has an Advanced Options tab that allows for a great deal of customization. Alex Wellerstein is the creator. The original “Classic” version is archived HERE.

Nuke Map 3D is out, and you will need the Google Earth Browser Plugin or equivalent. Updated 10/06/2016

High Yield Detonation Effects Simulator – (HYDESim)
Enter an address to move the point of impact to “ground zero”. 1000KT = 1MT.

Nuclear Weapons Effects Calculator – Federation of American Scientists (FAS)
“This interactive tool is intended to give an idea of the devastating blast effects of ground-level, shallow subsurface, and low-altitude nuclear weapon detonations. It is relevant to traditional nuclear weapons, potential terrorist attacks, and next generation nuclear weapons such as “Bunker Busters” or “Robust Nuclear Earth Penetrators” (RNEPs).”

Ground Zero II – from Carlos Labs
“Have you ever wondered what would happen if a nuclear bomb goes off in your city? With Google’s Maps framework and a bit of Javascript, you can see the outcome.”

Missile Range Map Tool – from Carlos Labs
“In the last few years, missiles and launch systems have become the new bargaining chip in international diplomacy.”

Create a Nuclear Firestorm – Nuclear Weapons Explosion Simulator
A rather comprehensive data generator.

“Choose a city or location (type in an address) and select the size or type of nuclear weapon to be detonated. Depending on the weather conditions, the size of the certain and probable area of the nuclear firestorm, created by the nuclear explosion, will vary.

The model used to approximate the size of the firestorm is accurate in the range of 10 to 20%. The simulator can produce this degree of accuracy for explosions that range from 15 kilotons to 2000 kilotons (2 Megatons or 2 MT).”

Nuclear Bomb Effects Computer
Go to the bottom of the page for the web-version. But for interesting reading, read about the “slide rule” calculator the simulation is based upon.

FAS – Fallout Calculator
“This java-based interactive calculator shows the distribution of fallout, by wind, from nuclear bomb blasts of various yields. The contours depict calculated radiation doses of 300, 25, and 1 REM at 96 hours after detonation.”

Impact of Low Yield Nuclear Weapons – “Suitcase” Nukes, and Their Effects
Data and summary of the effects of 1, 10 and 25KT weapons.

Would I Survive a Nuke – worldwide mapping facility with a few preset weapons from which to select. Updated 10/06/2016

Nuclear Terrorism Blast Maps – 10Kt low-yield damage mapper for 1/3, 3/4 and 1 mile radii. From the JFK School of Government. Updated 10/06/2016

Android Blast Mapper from Google Play – NukeBlast – Nuclear Explosion Updated 10/06/2016


Fallout Software and Fallout Meters

Here is an Excel spreadsheet designed to calculate fallout levels at specific times. fallout5.xls – This is a powerful tool, with a lot of information critical to your particular situation, if you feed it good data. You WILL need a radiation meter of some sort. A few are available at our Amazon store. You can also find reconditioned and re-calibrated Civil Defense meters at RadMeters4U.


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