Jury Duty

I’m currently in the process of jury selection. I’ve heard of long selection routines, but this one is very tiring. They say this thing might take 4 weeks after the jury is seated. Amazing. The witness list is two pages long.

Well, it’s for the good. If they keep me on it, I’ll do my best to ensure proper decorum in the jury room. I’ve been there before…

Large X-Class Solar Flare - Resources and News

By now you’ve heard about the X5.4 CME headed our way. If you are wondering what it might mean to us, it is this: We will see disruption of high frequency communications, possible satellite interference and soft resets, and the potential for portions of the power grid to shut down in self protection.

Of course, it could be worse. :>

Here are some resources you can use to monitor this event, and other links for news. Some of these are

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Retreat Security and BORVs

I’ve noticed a lot of search activity regarding retreat security /barriers and bug out RVs. If you are looking for specific information on these, go ahead and post a comment. I’ll be happy to reply with a post, or do some research on specific topics.

What is Prepper Fiction Worth?

It depends on what you expect from it, I suppose. For me, Prepper fiction has to do a few things. The first is entertainment. I can get all kinds of information from various forums and web sites, but fiction has as one of its purposes entertainment. Good writing, interesting plots and settings, and a few twists…. these things are enjoyable in fictional writings, and it holds true for PAW fiction as well. The second is instruction. Just as I can

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I hope you all have a blessed Christmas …

… and for those of you celebrating other things, my hope is that you find a peace that rises above understanding, clear vision, a solid motivation to do the right things at all times, and love among family and friends.


Securing Your Other Identity

With services like LifeLock and ProtectMyID, you can co-opt the help of professionals in locking down your credit fraud exposure. They are able to stop the proliferation of your personally identifiable information in many cases, and can limit the damage in others. Some companies even offer “insurance”, saying that your monetary liability from ID fraud is protected up to a certain amount if they fail to keep it secure.

That’s fine and dandy, but what about your other information?


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Home Invasions for the Holidays

Home invasions are up. They rise every year at this time. As more of a “tradition” of invasion-eering is established, the acceptance of it as a legitimate option for criminal endeavors spreads through the darker side of our communities.

It’s up to you to prevent it, or have a response ready. Things you can do right now are:

Lock your doors and windows when home. Night latches should be engaged during the day, too, especially if you are home alone.

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The Three-Fer Rule

The Three-Fer

A while back, my wife stated she would like to go camping more often, and perhaps with a tent trailer – you know, the pop-up kind. I started looking. Wasn’t hard, I like RVs and would window shop if the opportunity arose. After a few visits, (some with a friend that owned a motor home), I decided that a soft-sided RV wasn’t going to cut it.

I settled on a travel trailer built on the RLS floor plan,

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