Surveillance State Reporting Grows

Remember those guys that said everyone was being watched? Remember the tin foil hats they wore? Wanna buy one??

I hear they are in very short supply….

Just some of the stories that are so prominent these days. I remember when getting info on these activities was an exercise in dark-net scrounging. Now it’s main stream.

Try this on for size. The FBI wants deep installation of meta-data fishing software installed in major ISP networks. Makes it easier to get

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When is Prepping Not?

When the poop has hit the fan, that’s when.

Prepping seems to be taking on a new definition lately. I’ve read a few articles describing camping out as prepping. Same with bugging out (except as a test), bugging in and taking vacation.

Is this a grammar cop thing? Maybe. But distinctions exist for a reason, so I’m writing about this tiny little inconsequential distinction.

To be ready to tackle an issue, any issue, you need to prepare for it. Tests

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Some Ideas on Hardening Your Home

Came across this article. Thought I’d pass it along….

EMP Attack – Methods and Preps

Well, I logged in to work on the draft of the EMP article, and discovered that it did not save as I would have liked. Specifically, it lost all but 3 paragraphs.

Coincidence? Hehe. I know better than to do all but the shortest of articles outside of the site’s admin editor page….

Now, I must rebuild it. Oh, joy……

Making Your Own Mosquito Repellent

From The Ready Store comes this article on making your own mosquito repellent. The Lemon Eucalyptus looking interesting to me.


Fox River Military Wick Dry Maximum Mid Calf Boot Sock

Fox River Military Wick Dry Maximum Mid Calf Boot Sock. Getting good reviews here and there. Something I might try. My warm weather boots are a tad large, requiring a thicker sock, but I prefer them that way. These look promising.

What Interests You About RVs?

I’m noticing a lot of traffic regarding RVs lately. The topic of bug-out RVs is potentially a huge area of discovery due to the types available and their application. There are some very large units suitable for off road travel, and smaller boxes that I wouldn’t take off a curb.

So, is there something in particular that any of you would like to see here? If so, comment away!

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Our Beloved Marine Corp, Happy Birthday!! 237 Years!!

That’s right, today is the birthday of the USMC. I hope all of you wonderful people have something special come your way today. I’ll be thinking about you, and remembering those who can’t come home – ever. God bless you folks!!


Jury Duty Done

After years of work on the case, the court was presented with more info requiring a postponement. So, we were all released. It was just getting interesting……

efoods Direct

Anyone know if efoods direct is GMO free on all its products? I received a test package from them that says we can look for one of their many seals of quality. I haven’t seen even one. Is this just an oddity?

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