Paul Seyfried, Utah Shelter Systems Interview

I came across this interview a lil while ago. Paul lets it hang out, here. Every time I’ve spoken with the man, he has kept it real. You will get ZERO BS from Paul. Just cool, calm professional goodness on all things shelter.

I liked seeing this quote….

“Even though our shelters today have kitchens made by a custom cabinet shop, and bunks made from furniture-grade plywood, we don’t make shelters that look like motor homes on the inside. We

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EMP Hardening Your Vehicle

The jury is out, and will never come in, on the argument about EMP damage to vehicle electronics. But I don’t need a jury. I only need what I know.

EMP can kill your vehicle engine and transmission control electronics. Yup. Kill it dead for sure!

….or not.

The vulnerability of ECMs and TCMs and MAPs and MAFs and CPSs and ICPs (and all the computers and sensors) to the over-current pulse many fear depends on a few things.


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You Find 'em Where You Find 'em

I was in an electronics store this week, looking for a case for a PC build. This particular store doesn’t carry cases anymore, so I spent a few minutes looking at power supplies and assorted parts. There was a young lady in there, to my left, intently going over the offerings of a certain company. At one point, she moved a bit closer and we took up conversation. It turned out she is a product rep for a line of

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You and Family on the Road

The last few days, in the midst of attacks from some old and newer injuries deciding to gang up on me, I had various streams of thought flood my head. They all centered on convoys of private vehicles. No surrounding settings or conditions, such as some big event causing people to go here and there in a panic. No big flashes, or news reports or crush of refugees. Just various sizes of convoys in differing configurations moving down the highways

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Updated “Silencing a Cheap Noisey Generator”

Update HERE.

Your Online Activity Being Watched

I try not to get too political on this blog. It isn’t really productive when it comes to your efforts at hardening your life against ill effects. Politics generally raise temperatures and polarize discussions. That doesn’t mean I don’t have views. I just don’t like to make them a topic.

That said, I feel I need to state some obvious facts here, that some people obviously don’t consider. The biggie is this: Everything you do, and I mean EVERYTHING, is

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Of Cats and Dogs

People are usually either dog people or cat people. I happen to be both, though I lean a bit more towards cats. Both are intelligent, and can be trained. The belief that cats are aloof is a myth, in my opinion. The five we have are all personable, and three of them actually know and obey commands. (The older two used to, but have entered a new stage of life…) We held and handled all of them from kittens. They

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Tulips General Store - Home of the Naughty Goat

A friend of mine is taking over the reigns of a small shop that showcases the local talents of a town in Wisconsin. They will open their own shop there, with her hubby. The Naughty Goat is getting a new home. I want to spread the word about this new endeavor, as both Emme and Chris have shown that they are kind and sharing people with loads of creativity. They have quite a story of tragedy and victory, and this

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And now, for a little music....

Why? Because I can. I tickle the keys a little now and then. Here si one I am working on. Absolutely beautiful. Magnificent in recording, and in person.

And another. This one I learned years ago, but I need to resurrect it.

I suppose it is a minor “OpSec” (so much is made of that word… sigh) violation, but yes, I DO love the music of Horowitz.

Gotta add another one. Here is Horowitz turning the Steinway into

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An Article Explaining Ionizing and Non-Ionizing Radiation

From the EPA, an article with a good graphic that explains what kinds of radiation, and their related frequencies, will create ionization, and which won’t. I found it helpful.


From the EPA

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