Ka-Bar Fighting Knife Review - as a Bushcraft Knife

While viewing some vids on sharpening, I eventually came across this bushcraft performance review of the venerable Ka-Bar USMC blade. It’s one of my favorites. I recognize a few limitations in its use, but that’s because it was designed for killing people primarily, and jungle survival secondarily as a rather happy accident. Anyway, his tests are straightforward operational procedures chosen for their backwoods utility. I thought it was very well done.

Video is from NaturalBushcraft on YouTube, where there are

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D.C. Getting Nuked by the History Channel

Here is History Channel’s show on D.C. getting nuked, and the following 24 hours. I’m not so sure they have it right, but it does make for decent study material, or thought-food at the least.


Working with a Torn Shoulder

I pulled the muscles in my right shoulder, triceps and forearm in mid April. Combination of auto incident, moving heavy equipment and over-exercise. Might have damaged some connective tissue. The first 3 weeks, I decided to do a test. All my regular activities would continue as normal, and I would work through the pain. The idea was to test my ability to push on in the face of a serious injury.

I did well. (Pattin my self on my back

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Old Enemies & New Threats

Your past can return to haunt you, or worse.

From the mind of Hollywood, we are told stories about the avenging bad guy, the victorious hero, and good endings in just about all of them. Sometimes the ending isn’t so good. Sometimes, Hollywood can not compare to the real world. The stories Hollywood tells are produced for the widest possible audience to take in and “own” within their minds. The stories that life produces are much too often told by

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It was just a short time after the September 11 attacks. I was flying out to see my dad. My flight was due to come in and pick us up at the end of this particular terminal. I arrived early. At the end of the walkway was a payphone. I called my wife to let her know I was at the gate, and to chit chat a short bit before the boarding.

As I looked over to my left, at

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Something I wrote on Twitter today. It somehow placed me into “philosopher mode”.

“Freedom exists first in your head. Freedom 2 think & decide. From there flows all choice & action. Prep because you choose to.”

I think this is where some preppers find their Waterloo. Some people find their greatest limitations within their heads. Preconceptions regarding their mental, physical and financial capabilities stand in the way of their progress. Obviously, some can do more than others, but most can

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JJ over at http://www.realitysurvival.com recently posted an article on adaptability. He asked a question at the end. “What things can you suggest for helping people to remain adaptable in their Bug Out Plans?”

I answered with (spelling errors and all….)

“Mobility and Communication are important in ground ops for the soldier, and also for the Prepper. The Prepper needs flexibility in hid bug-out transportation options, including a way to stay put if mobility somehow is denied him. ON FOOT might

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Nuclear Effects Tools - a new page added

We just added a new page to A Survival Plan that shares several web based tools for simulating nuclear attack conditions (EMP not included). If you ever had questions about how big a nuke it would take to reach out to your location, this is the page for you. Nuclear Effects Tools. (The picture to the left is of the Castle Union test of April 26, 1954. Yield = 6.5MT)

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An Introduction to IFAKs (Individual First Aid Kits)

Warning: There are TEN videos on this page, and a few of them are “graphic” in nature. If you are studying prepping with children, review this page before showing them.

Update: 1 Nov, 2014. There are a few items you may want to include in your IFAK. I consider them “upgrades” to QuickClot and the flexible naso-pharyngeal airways. The last update is a link to a post illustrating the usage of Celox products in a bleeding test environment. It is

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