Emergency Text Alert System – Update

We tinkered around with a site addition that would have allowed for mass broadcasts of emergency information to subscribers. The system “worked”, but in testing it proved to be an information security risk. There are some alternate systems currently in development, or under testing, that might do the job. We’ll let you know as important updates become available.

New Page Added

The focus of this site and its predecessor rarely had anything to do with firearms discussions until recently. While they are a facet of preparedness, they are a topic we tended to leave to other sites. I was reviewing some of the requests made, and decided to put up a page on that subject. It’s in the menu bar above.

You won’t find earth shaking information there. You won’t find the answer to the most important (heh, yeah… sure) question

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New Static Pages Added

A few pages have been added these last few days. They are:

Bug Out Vehicles – Discussion on planing and usage, and loads Guests’ Plans – A few of our readers’ plans and thoughts Mapping Tools – Tools for planning a bug out, or other terrain crossings Printed Resources – Books for the prepper Retreat Barriers – Keeping unwanted persons off balance RV Bug Out – Using an RV as a temporary BOV

We are open to guest comments, requests

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A Survival Plan Has Executed Phase 1

We have now completed the initial move to our new location. Following on this will be the recreation of our site, and its new format. This should take about a week….


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