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COMMs, the Social Network for Preppers

Here at ASP, we’ve been toying with the idea, and the implementation, of a Social Networking alternative to the generally public “all in” blab sites out there. Some of what we have been addressing has been usability across desktop, tablet and smart phone platforms, layout, privacy and general standards and use policies. The end result of that work is COMMs, our Prepper Communications site.

Right off the bat, I specifically

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A Message to Those Who Helped with “Meeting Spot!”

For a while we had a little social network called “Meeting Spot!”

It is now dead. The structure wasn’t working out for us. As mentioned in the previous post, some other systems are in the running….

Those of you that tried it out are still members of this site, and have access to our Forum. Anyone that want to become a member just has to go to the Meeting Spot

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What’s New Here?

You may have noticed a few extra menu options, a couple little links to the right and some fitfull apps running here and there. We’re working on a social networking feature. Originally, it was supposed to be part of this very site. It will, though, be an associated site, closely linked to this one.

Yes, it is supposed to be an answer to FaceBook. Not quite sure how well it

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New Site Feature – SurvivalSpot! Networking

Here at A Survival Plan, we have been toying around with a few things of late. You may have noticed a click-able link to the right – one that goes NOWHERE. You might have noticed a Forum link in the menu that goes to an unpopulated and unused forum. You may have asked, “Whattatheydoin?”

If you’re really on your game, you would also have noticed the SurvivalSpot! page that also

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Been away for a few days…

… for some family events, and to try and recover from a few injuries from a couple months ago.  It’s been fun, and it’s been rough.

Upon my return, I found that I was spammed big time.  Some of my readers run blogs. For you guys, I offer this information.

The spamming happened after I installed a Yoast SEO module. 158 got through with some very interesting header formats. I

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Emergency Text Message system

… the ETM release has been canceled.  We had hoped to use a specific plugin for our site that would allow us to inform subscribers of various impending doom events. Unfortunately, the module we thought best for this purpose has a unique bug in it – it sends the notice and includes the link to our server’s root address. This obviously is a serious security problem, and so we have

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