"Stingray" Phone Sniffer Use Ruled Lawful

Anyone can be targeted for cell-phone tapping with a Stingray device, even though usage of that device will certainly collect similar information from all other phones in the area. The innocent parties will not be notified that their cell phone information has been captured. It works by spoofing cell towers, and fooling phones into thinking they are connected to their networks as usually done. But in these cases, all information passes through the Stingray.


Use Ruled Lawful: From Tech

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Allow a Search of Your House for a Terrorist?

Just a quick note. Upon reading the boards, watching on Facebook and Twitter, there are some conversations going on regarding our Constitutional rights and unreasonable searches. It seems that there are very vocal people on both sides of the debate.

What’s the debate, you ask? Were the police warrantless searches of houses, looking for the 2nd Boston bomber, allowable?

One side takes the stand that no, no cop is coming into my house without a warrant. I have a right

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The Romans 13 Problem

Christians are sometimes challenged with a certain passage within Romans 13 when discussing the right to self defense and their obligations to “authority”. I came across a study on this yesterday that I found to be very enlightening. Along with an explanation of what the root words for authority and tribute happen to be and mean, it also provided an argument in favor of the wholesale rebellion of the American colonists against Great Britain – though it never intended to.

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Defending Against Drones

Got a wild hair tonight, and decided I’d do a quick and filthy search on drone defense techniques. A lot of links came up, and here are a few of them for your review. Some have nothing to do with conducting counter measures work against infiltrators and criminals, but they include interesting thoughts nonetheless.

So, in no particular order of interest or importance….

Stealth Hoodies – Personal Thermal Masking. http://ahprojects.com/projects/stealth-wear Interrupting Information collection. http://www.drone-defense.com/ Spy vs. Spy? http://www.fluther.com/156018/is-there-a-defense-against-drone-attacks/ The AP

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Persistent Drones

What if a drone had the ability to go “into the wild”, and stay there for years? Imagine a autonomous drone that could gather power on its own, and continue its mission without resupply for very long periods of time.

An article I read this morning shows that this is not only possible, but probable, if not already in place. The same technology that allows you to charge your iPod by placing in on an innocuous mat, or recharge your

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A Baic Primer for Buying a 1911

Here is an article I found that discusses various incarnations of the famous 1911 handgun. A good read for those wishing to get some up-to-date info on what is available. It’s from 3 years ago, but I found the information useful.



A Defense Against Drones - Galt's Engine

Rendering drones surveillance null and void via modern tech in the hands of “ordinary” citizens. Sound implausible? An Oregon company intends to make drone eye-in-the-sky defense available to the public. That’s right. To YOU. “Domestic Drone Countermeasures” claims to intend selling equipment that will make it impossible for drones to “complete their mission” by disabling their mission capabilities. (Post Edit: Method at the end)

From their splash page…

“Many different, large area, small area, mobile and fixed Countermeasures and systems

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Firearms - Getting Rid of Your Flinch

You sight down the barrel at a target only 12 feet away.

You know you must make the shot, or risk losing big time.

You slowly squeeze the trigger, intent on hitting the target.

You blink at the discharge, ride the recoil and look at the target… still there, still pristine. It stands there mocking you.

Your pals laugh at the bet you just lost, and you wonder, “How in the world did I miss that thing at 12 feet?”

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The Census Dot Map

Every once in a while, someone comes up with a neat little internet tool that causes the mind to wander into dusty territory. Looking at this map might remind you of the pictures from space showing lights at night on various continents. It might remind you of how crowded some locations are. Or, it may reinforce your thoughts on bug-outs and roaming hordes.

The Census Dot Map is most useful with “Toggle Labels” on, and of course, zoomed in to

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The Rifleman - The Anvil Chorus

My dear wife and I have been enjoying some TV shows that a certain station plays. Emergency, Wild Wild Wild West, George and Gracie among them. One of the shows is “The Rifleman”, starring Chuck Connors. Some of the “son” and “pa” stuff can get sappy via the acting, but the good examples set by it are timeless.

Anyway, last night’s episode was “The Anvil Chorus”. Once it got rolling, and I saw where it was headed, I just laughed

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