Lifeboat Rations - Nutrition Information

I thought I’d gather information on various Lifeboat Ration bars and present them in a from style side-by-side comparison. Well, it won’t fit 5 columns on the blog roll, so I made it a page. Go see it HERE, or click on the link in the menu bar at the top of this page.

New Radio for The Keep

Picked up an old Cobra 2000 GTL today, with accessories. Will work it into the radio room preps at The Keep. Very nice addition found at a yard sale. YES, you CAN find some good stuff out there. The great thing about it is that the better half was the one that saw it, sitting on a table, up at the high end of the driveway, where it and its associated gear were sitting because it was too heavy to

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Grid Down Wargaming

The troubles in the Eastern United States are serious, and we would not want to belittle what is happening to our countrymen there. If you are in the middle of that mess, we’re hoping you come through it okay. No one expected these kinds of results from the weather. Some of those without preparations are having a hard time.

We can learn from it all, however. We can see that the loss of power, even locally, transforms a pretty nice

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Ka-Bar Fighting Knife Review - as a Bushcraft Knife

While viewing some vids on sharpening, I eventually came across this bushcraft performance review of the venerable Ka-Bar USMC blade. It’s one of my favorites. I recognize a few limitations in its use, but that’s because it was designed for killing people primarily, and jungle survival secondarily as a rather happy accident. Anyway, his tests are straightforward operational procedures chosen for their backwoods utility. I thought it was very well done.

Video is from NaturalBushcraft on YouTube, where there are

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Cooperative Prepping

So many preppers become consumed with the thought that they can’t do it all on their own. The costs, skills and knowledge acquisition, space and location all add up to a giant that is seemingly unslayable. Starting with this viewpoint will stop many before they realize they have done fairly well! And really can pull it off. Still, for many the giant is real. He stands there with his club ready to crush plans and efforts with a laugh and

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Potential New Battery for Prepper Stocks

Photo souce, P&G

It’s no secret that battery power for preppers is a bib topic. Storing batteries is a practice that sours the mind with the thought that those expensive items will degrade over time. Getting a couple good years out of them was supposed to be easy – if you wrapped them in moisture proof bags and stuffed them into a freezer.

Well, now Duracell is claiming the biggest leap forward in battery tech since the CopperTop™. This

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Gas Masks

Some friends and I are working on a couple ideas for an alternative to the military surplus gas masks seen all over the net and on TV shows these days. It started when one pal in particular mentioned that some of the US masks have a limited shelf life, and actually become TOXIC after expiration. He said it wouldn’t be too nice to block (or not) incoming agents only to be wiped out by chromium ingestion.

We brainstormed for a

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Actually Building Your Plan - V

J&J Rules for Prepping #3 Make Lists for Everything

J&J set out to make their additional Lists. To keep things orderly, their initial thought was to build lists based on Threats. But that changed when they started making sub lists. “Messy” wasn’t the problem, it was just the wrong kind of messy. J&J wanted something they felt good about, so they tossed it all out and started again. still, at the restart, Jack was showing some signs of frustration. “I’m

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Is There a Best Bunker?

Update 09/29/13 – New article listing shelter manufacturers.

What if they gave a bunker party and no one could find it? LOL!

Whatever the purpose of the bunker, you certainly don’t want it to be known that you have one. So you better pass up the opportunity to be on any of the “Doomsday” shows. Don’t invite the reality shows over for a look-see, because they and everyone else will see it. See?

Seriously, folks… the best bunker is the

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NEW - LP's Amazon Store for Various Items of Interest

Maybe you noticed, maybe you didn’t, but we now have a store for a few things. We opted to go with the Amazon setup for ease of use. Up front, we’ll tell you that some of the proceeds go to supporting this site, but not all. A good deal of what is in the store has no remuneration to A Survival Plan at all, but is included because we either have experience with it, or know someone who does –

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