Bug Out RVs (BORV) update

Going to be updating the BORV section this weekend with some pictures and some thoughts on security. Now, the manifestation of these two might not be what you would expect, but they come from a standpoint of reality and setting expectations.

The more tactically minded of you, however, will have some thoughts… so feel free to shout out.

Prep Test - Generator

Pulled out the Champion 4500W genny today, and did a test run. Started on the 2nd pull, once the choke was set right. I let her run for 15 minutes, and flipped the kill switch. I ran it outside of the garage, with the exhaust aimed at the drive.

>>> Never run a generator in an enclosed space. <<<

I don’t drain the lines or the tank when I store it. It gets a test every 2 months, sometimes more

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The Lifer Prepper BOV

You want a really cool bug out vehicle, but can’t afford it. Besides, your current ride does the job just fine getting the kids around, or getting you to the work site. You see what the experts recommend, but wonder to yourself, “Why can’t my modern day, electronically controlled ______ work for me?”

I asked myself that same thing when I read a letter on Rawles blog some time ago. I wondered about it just long enough to sit down

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A Bug Out Vehicle … or is it Bug In??

Okay, so this little, ummm, car? – serves a purpose … for somebody. According to the people inside the store in front of which this thing was parked, the owner comes in semi-regularly for supplies.

This creation /mutation has:

a solar panel air conditioner refrigerator propane supply sleeper closet?? (storage, anyway…) coolers …and some other strange things…

Check out the porch light leading the way in front of the “addition” on the roof. The vent on the quarter panel appears

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