Martial Law - Its Form and Reach

Martial Law!

Those two words cause hearts to skip beats. Understood by those words is that, when such a form of control is instituted, personal liberties may be at risk.

There have been a few articles, referencing martial law, recently in the press. I’ve heard support for and against it, with the no-votes coming from a Constitutional view point. Within the Constitution, there is reference to at least one aspect of it, but it’s not something to which I gave

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Mass Exodus from the Cities - Is it Possible?

Mass Exodus from the Cities – Is it Possible?

The internet forums sometimes get into a tizzy over the whats and whys of how to deal with the “hordes” that will evacuate from cities, and spill into the countryside. “What will you do? How will you handle their requests and demands for help? How does your Christian attitude justify THAT response?” … and so on and so on.

Occasionally, someone will support the view that most people will die in

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Before Results Come Focus and Intent

Did it again. Had something running through my mind while singed-on to Twitter doing other things. Distracted by the thought, I got it out of the way by plopping it down in under 140 characters. Result?

“FOCUS & INTENT. One active, the other potential. Together, they produce RESULTS. The key = manage what you look at.”

It’s how we get places we intent to reach. We look, we move. We focus on the way point and move with the intention

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Interesting Fiction at Jerry's Site, from TOM

“Tired Old Man” (TOM) has an interesting piece of fiction up at Jerry’s site, called “187PC”. TOM materials can be packed with information you might not expect to find in PAW fiction. If you’ve never read any of TOM’s work, give this one a look-see. 187PC

Laughable Spam Comment

I get quite a bit a spam in the comments. It’s the usual run-of-the-mill garbage, and easy to verify. The single largest type of bog spam out there is the cut and paste and modify type. The spammer selects from a collection of pre-written missives, changes a few words, and posts it. Usually, it is something written to butter-up the blog owner, make him feel good and kiss his tail. Today, I found one that’s just the opposite. Here it

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Been away for a few days…

… for some family events, and to try and recover from a few injuries from a couple months ago. It’s been fun, and it’s been rough.

Upon my return, I found that I was spammed big time. Some of my readers run blogs. For you guys, I offer this information.

The spamming happened after I installed a Yoast SEO module. 158 got through with some very interesting header formats. I upgraded my Spam blocker, since an upgrade was waiting for

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Old Enemies & New Threats

Your past can return to haunt you, or worse.

From the mind of Hollywood, we are told stories about the avenging bad guy, the victorious hero, and good endings in just about all of them. Sometimes the ending isn’t so good. Sometimes, Hollywood can not compare to the real world. The stories Hollywood tells are produced for the widest possible audience to take in and “own” within their minds. The stories that life produces are much too often told by

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“Doomsday” Shows

Let’s get something straight right now, before there are too many other dreams of stardom that override common sense. If you want to star on a show, find one that has nothing to do with Doomsday this or Doomsday that. Go on a sitcom, or some cooking reality show. No one that appears on one of these “preppers shows” will ever again be able to regain anonymity. No one that signs a contract for rights and rewards will be able

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Light Reading …

US Debt Visualized….

West plans to tap oil reserves if Iran blocks the Straight….

Britain dispatches advanced warship to Persian Gulf….

The US-Iran economic war…. One viewpoint on how things might be going –

Iran holds exercises near Afghan border….

Everyone getting in on the war games over there….

Iran offers to share nuke tech with African nations….

Posturing is a political and military past time. I don’t think the current state of

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From ZeroHedge - Some Very Interesting Words

Guest Post: New Asian Union Means The Fall Of The Dollar Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/30/2011 13:42 -0500

Don’t let the title succeed in making you roll your eyes. Visit the site and read it. Tell me where you think the Asian markets, and financial systems, are headed. Here are some excerpts if you don’t have time to go thee right away.

“Since at least 2005, China has been taking the exact steps required to counter

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