Smart Phone Apps - Which Ones?

Been seeing some hits on the smart phone apps page. I’m curious as to just what kind of apps preppers are looking for. If you care to share your thoughts, reply to this post, or e-mail me LP@ this site….

Free Men, and Slaves

In a somewhat unusual day back in August 2012, I had a funny thought. It was about those who walk about with some openly controversial tee shirt proclaiming their political thoughts or some other such beliefs. They move about, unconcerned about what others think, and quite often risk having some jerk smack them from behind. Their movements through shopping crowds, or on sidewalks, place them where they might have good exposure, and also where an argument might leave them in

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Wise Foods vs Mountain House Smack Down

Back in July of 2012, on Survivalist Boards, a new thread was started. The Wise Foods vs Mountain House Smack Down caught my attention PDQ. The nut of the story is that Mountain House decided to take Wise Foods to task and paid for a third party testing company (Columbia Food Laboratories) to verify Wise Foods’ claims to extended shelf life. The tests came back, according to Mountain House, showing that there was a significant amount of O2 left in

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Just saw pictures of one of the granddaughters being schooled in the use of a security-config’d 870 shotgun. In one of those pictures, it appears she has just fired the weapon and is absorbing recoil. But it could also appear that she is just getting ready to shoot and is leaning too far back on her rear foot, AWAY from the coming recoil. By the way, she is 22 and solidly built.

I just had to laugh. If it is

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An Update to the Previous Nuke Effects Post

I was a little bothered by something after posting that huge study recently. The Helfman video source … was it the article I found late in my digging around, or was it something else?

I searched on key phrases from that article and discovered two things in about 5 minutes. The first is that there are only a few word-for-word copies of that article on other sites. The second, was a reference to that article as having been created in

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Cleaning the Berkey Light Filter Bucket

Image from

Mrs. LP, my beautiful wife, the woman who saved my life by marrying me, did a cleaning job on our Berkey-Light kitchen filtration unit. We scrub the elements to expose fresh matrix per instruction, and scrub the tubs, too. But our water does leave quite a bit of mineral deposit. Over time, they collect on the walls of the clean water bucket at the bottom of the stack.

In the past, it was scrub, scrub scrub.

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The Mom Song

For you ladies…

What a Mom says in 24 hours condensed into 2 minutes 55 seconds and sung to the William Tell Overture. Absolutely amazing and spot on. I couldn’t believe I was hearing it!

What does this have to do with survivalism? Well, ask any MOM that cares for the household. Survival is an everyday affair!!

Visitors (good ones) in my home...

I was surprised by some very welcome vsitors from a few stats away on Thursday. They are still here, and no, they are not like fish. They came to celebrate a special day with me and the missus, and in good time, too. Haven’t seen them in months, and it has greatly amped my happiness score.

The last few months have been dominated by an unexpected, and somewhat pressurizing time at work. That is drawing to a close, but it

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Survival Chat

Last Wednesday, we tried out our chat room for the first time. Had some issues, but found out that our host server may have been tangled up in that internal comm problem so many were having.

So, we’re going to give it another go. Next session is this Monday, Aug 5, at 1800 Pacific time. The password for the room will be given out 10 minutes prior to the session. We have no topic picked, though soon, if the room

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The Expected Riots

… did not occur.

I am very glad. Out nation does not excel by reason of its diversity. It excels in the face of it – in spite of it. What differences each group holds dear would rends such a diverse nation, yet we have held together over the centuries.

Still, more often than we should, we produce individuals that would search and find, and then exploit the cracks in our unified structure. They would seek to amplify the natural

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