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Cleaning the Berkey Light Filter Bucket

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Mrs. LP, my beautiful wife, the woman who saved my life by marrying me, did a cleaning job on our Berkey-Light kitchen filtration unit.  We scrub the elements to expose fresh matrix per instruction, and scrub the tubs, too. But our water does leave quite a bit of mineral deposit. Over time, they collect on the walls of the clean water bucket at the bottom of

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The Mom Song

For you ladies…

What a Mom says in 24 hours condensed into 2 minutes 55 seconds and sung to the William Tell Overture. Absolutely amazing and spot on. I couldn’t believe I was hearing it!

What does this have to do with survivalism? Well, ask any MOM that cares for the household. Survival is an everyday affair!!

Visitors (good ones) in my home...

I was surprised by some very welcome vsitors from a few stats away on Thursday. They are still here, and no, they are not like fish. They came to celebrate a special day with me and the missus, and in good time, too. Haven’t seen them in months, and it has greatly amped my happiness score.

The last few months have been dominated by an unexpected, and somewhat pressurizing time

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Survival Chat

Last Wednesday, we tried out our chat room for the first time. Had some issues, but found out that our host server may have been tangled up in that internal comm problem so many were having.

So, we’re going to give it another go. Next session is this Monday, Aug 5, at 1800 Pacific time.  The password for the room will be given out 10 minutes prior to the session.

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The Expected Riots

… did not occur.

I am very glad. Out nation does not excel by reason of its diversity. It excels in the face of it – in spite of it. What differences each group holds dear would rends such a diverse nation, yet we have held together over the centuries.

Still, more often than we should, we produce individuals that would search and find, and then exploit the cracks in

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Martial Law - Its Form and Reach

Martial Law!

Those two words cause hearts to skip beats. Understood by those words is that, when such a form of control is instituted, personal liberties may be at risk.

There have been a few articles, referencing martial law, recently in the press. I’ve heard support for and against it, with the no-votes coming from a Constitutional view point. Within the Constitution, there is reference to at least one aspect

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