Prep & Pantry Review

How Much Stuff Do I Have?

Let’s face it. When our preps get to be more than just a few day’s worth of food and related items, remembering what we have gets to be a chore. As the inventory gets even larger, remembering expiration dates and item locations can be overwhelming. Pen & paper and spreadsheets can help, but wouldn’t something like what the supermarkets use be nice to have? How can we quickly scan-in and scan-out things into

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Goat Milking Series from Twitter

A follower on Twitter (@SurvivingNStyle) posted 5 short Youtube videos on how she goes about her goat milking. I found them to be entertaining and easy to watch. If you’re new to goats, or considering getting a few, this might be for you.

Bug Out Test

Been thin on posts because we are on a bug out trip /test. We hooked up the trailer, loaded some supplies (and a pair of cats) and hit the road. More information when it is available, but we have been experimenting with different camp setups, testing our rig on grades, and getting to know some territory on the way to the “Far End”, our most extreme BOL.

One big surprise was the lack of fuel efficiency of our diesel rig.

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Planning for Pets and their Preps

Do Your Plans Include Your Pets?

“Sure do! I have them numbered in order of consumption!” This might be the response of some, but not here in my house. Our pets are a much larger blessing than a problem. They are fed and cared for. In return, we have their affection and comedic relief. (Update…already!! Our boy cat limped up to me for attention, so I left the keyboard for the night….) Yes, the boy cat, just about 1 1/2

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