Cooperative Prepping

So many preppers become consumed with the thought that they can’t do it all on their own. The costs, skills and knowledge acquisition, space and location all add up to a giant that is seemingly unslayable. Starting with this viewpoint will stop many before they realize they have done fairly well! And really can pull it off. Still, for many the giant is real. He stands there with his club ready to crush plans and efforts with a laugh and

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Detailed 3D Mapping on the Horizon

Google’s Street View efforts caused all kinds of issues with people claiming privacy violations. While some of the pics are pixelated to reduce the chances of any one person or vehicle being recognized, the concerns are not over. Apple and Google are now in competition. Both are working to increase the data available to viewers of their 3D services. That’s right. Apple is now in the mix. Two of the world’s most powerful consumer information technology companies are in competition

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Potential New Battery for Prepper Stocks

Photo souce, P&G

It’s no secret that battery power for preppers is a bib topic. Storing batteries is a practice that sours the mind with the thought that those expensive items will degrade over time. Getting a couple good years out of them was supposed to be easy – if you wrapped them in moisture proof bags and stuffed them into a freezer.

Well, now Duracell is claiming the biggest leap forward in battery tech since the CopperTop™. This

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Kaiser Building Collapse, Northridge Earthquake 1994

I was there. I was awakened by the floor beneath me smashing up into the back of my head repeatedly, like Lucifer’s Jackhammer under the house. I was the tenant of a second floor duplex, and having recently moved in, I had no bed yet. My bed was a pile of blankets next to the wall. The noise of the double-hung sash windows opening and slamming shut was one of the loudest I’d ever heard. It was like a Ma

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Planning for Broadcasted Radiological Contamination

Radiological Effects from Fukushima – DEFENSE, Part I

Scenario – Fukushima 3 and 4 both experience catastrophic failures of their spent fuel rod storage pools, resulting in complete loss of cooling. All fuel rods ignite and, through a series of events, release massive amounts of radioactive material into the jet stream patterns of the northern hemisphere. Private radiation monitoring stations confirm the spread in advance of official warnings and eventual official notification to the public.

Much of this material is

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Fukushima - A Sword of Damocles

Fukushima 4 Reactor Building

The reactor complex at Fukushima was the subject of major concern after last year’s tsunami off Japan. Depending on who you listen to, there were between one and three nuclear meltdowns or partial meltdowns. The concerns over those have largely fallen to the side for most people (though not us here at ASP). There is a much larger problem, though. It has gone under-reported by my standards.

Each reactor there, and there are 6 of

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Periodic Reminder to Check your Preps

This is a reminder for those of you that manage your preps by the season changes. Over at FaceBook I wrote this tonight, and thought I’d re-post here in case some of you don’t use FB.

I’d like to remind everyone that with the oncoming heat in the US, it is important to take stock of your vulnerable preps and where they are stored. Please check that items kept in garages, sheds and storage units are of the type not

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Actually Building Your Plan - V

J&J Rules for Prepping #3 Make Lists for Everything

J&J set out to make their additional Lists. To keep things orderly, their initial thought was to build lists based on Threats. But that changed when they started making sub lists. “Messy” wasn’t the problem, it was just the wrong kind of messy. J&J wanted something they felt good about, so they tossed it all out and started again. still, at the restart, Jack was showing some signs of frustration. “I’m

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JJ over at recently posted an article on adaptability. He asked a question at the end. “What things can you suggest for helping people to remain adaptable in their Bug Out Plans?”

I answered with (spelling errors and all….)

“Mobility and Communication are important in ground ops for the soldier, and also for the Prepper. The Prepper needs flexibility in hid bug-out transportation options, including a way to stay put if mobility somehow is denied him. ON FOOT might

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Developing a Plan - Revisited

We ran a short (incomplete) series of articles a while back, starring a fictional couple of their way to building their plan. Here are links to the four published parts:

Part I Part II Part III Part IV

The “Jack & Jill” series will be taken up again this week for Part V. In the meantime, though, I’d like to share some points collected before the series was started, and submit them for your consideration. If you are new to

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