Actually Building Your Plan

What is a Survival Plan? A Survival Plan is the orderly and purposeful compilation of knowledge, skills and materials that enables someone to avoid or overcome adverse conditions, and continue living as best as he can expect afterward.

There are a lot of variables in the definition, and the plan itself. A short example might be the personal requirement to continue living comfortably after a tornado has ripped through town. To this end, this individual decides it will be necessary

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New Static Pages Added

A few pages have been added these last few days. They are:

Bug Out Vehicles – Discussion on planing and usage, and loads Guests’ Plans – A few of our readers’ plans and thoughts Mapping Tools – Tools for planning a bug out, or other terrain crossings Printed Resources – Books for the prepper Retreat Barriers – Keeping unwanted persons off balance RV Bug Out – Using an RV as a temporary BOV

We are open to guest comments, requests

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Scobey, Montana - Medical Planning

We have to live from now until the _________ happens, right? Makes no sense to expect to survive our own personally expected future troubles if we’re already dead when they occur. I read an article in an AARP Bulletin. It had to do with a small town in Montana, and the doctor that lives there. Dr. Donald Sawdey moved to Scobey, Montana to raise his kids where they were safe, and where people were trustworthy. You can read about Scobey

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