Training While Laid-up

So, you were just starting into a new program, something designed to keep you on track with a REAL PLAN. You intended to get squared away in one of the few skill sets you put on your list.

Then you wound up injured. The initial blow to your resolve was made worse by the news that you will be laid up for two months. Sheesh. What now?? How do you make any kind of forward progress with such a momentous

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Retreat Supplies

The purpose of a retreat, generally, is to allow a person, or a group of persons to lay over until the problem that forced their relocation has been resolved. Storm, civil disorder, pandemic, etc., can serve as the trigger for a relocation. It should support life as well as a regular home, supplying shelter from the weather, food and water, medical care and security.

The age old axiom of “beans, band-aids and bullets” is always the best starting point for

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Cross Training

Cross Training


Cross-training (also known as conditioning) refers to training in different ways to improve overall performance. … Cross training is training someone in another activity that is related to their current work. The name comes from the fact that you are training them across a broader spectrum of the organization’s work. The systematic training of the soldier on tasks related to another job within the same MOS or tasks related to a secondary MOS within

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Getting Two for One. My Accidental Home Heating Discovery.

Our dryer vent tubing from the wash room to the outside “broke”. Actually, I detached it from the exit outside by trying to run a large battle brush through it. It’s a long story…. I eventually ran a new length of tubing via a different and more sensible route. The thing I wanted to share is what we did between my numbskull and genius episodes.

With a broken vent tube, a family still needs to dry the wash! We weren’t

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Preps or Barter? Which, and WHEN?

Some preppers with a moderate amount of time in the game have built up their stocks to where they feel fairly secure in their ability to go it on their own for a few months. At some stage, the question arises, “Along with plans to increase our reserves, what else can we do? What about precious metals, feel-good stuff, comfort items and barter materials?” Every project worth undertaking is worth planning. Without that in place, first, you’ll waste far more

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Shutting off Your Home’s Gas Supply

If you reside within a regular single family home, you have control over a few things that apartment and condo dwellers do not: natural gas and electrical supplies. Having grown up in earthquake country, my family came to understand the importance of shutting of the gas after a strong shake. These days, a lot of gas lines have automatic shutoffs that trip when jolted. They can save lives by preventing an explosion or poisoning.

While earthquakes make for a good

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Series – Actually Building Your Plan

Part V of our series will post on Monday. There will be a few other items in the mean time.

Actually Building Your Plan – IV

J&J Rules for Prepping #2, part 2 Determine What Skills……

When Jack and Jill put their heads together to evaluate needed skills, their previous list stood as their guide. It wouldn’t cover everything, but it would direct their first efforts. Reviewing the list, they built yet another list based on their perceived needed skill set.

Shelter – Home and mobile, earthquake alternative and defensible against NBC attack

For shelter, they would need some way to secure themselves against hot and

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Actually Building Your Plan – III

J&J Rules for Prepping #2 Determine What Skills and Materials each Threat Scenario Requires

The easiest way to determine what skills and materials would be needed for a given crisis is to imagine what could be taken away. Of those things, which are necessary? What skills would be needed to compensate, replace, rebuild and defend? J&J worked on the list and discovered that not everything that could be lost was necessary for survival. So, as quick as they were to

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Actually Building Your Plan – II

J&J took their first serious step towards securing their future by realizing one very important fact. They didn’t know just what they wanted to prepare for. As they discussed things, they also realized that there was no way they could prepare for everything and, additionally, some things were more likely to affect them than others.

“What do we plan for, and what do we forget about?”

J&J Rules for Prepping #1 Discover and Evaluate Potential Threats They knew they could

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