A Few Odds and Ends

Back from a practice run with the mobile retreat, our BORV. All went well, considering my huge lack of sleep and an unusually high intolerance for warmer temperatures. Once again, for those interested, I must stress that a properly suited BORV needs to have storage, storage and STORAGE. If you plan on being self-sufficient while mobile, you have to accept that all needed supplies must be part of your load. Maximizing the possibilities is impossible without storage. It’s even more

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Grid Down Wargaming

The troubles in the Eastern United States are serious, and we would not want to belittle what is happening to our countrymen there. If you are in the middle of that mess, we’re hoping you come through it okay. No one expected these kinds of results from the weather. Some of those without preparations are having a hard time.

We can learn from it all, however. We can see that the loss of power, even locally, transforms a pretty nice

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Pissin' on the Roses

POTR blog follows and studies radiation detection events in the Midwest, and other places. Beginning with June 11, they have a very interesting study on a radiation event in South Bend, Indiana that occurred on June 6. The Geiger counter used in the detection experienced a “saturation”, and went to a ZERO reading for the duration of the event where particle detection exceeded the tube’s capacity. What we have seen in various movies, where the pipping of the counter goes

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Doomsday Preppers Came a Callin'

Prepeprs? Or nut jobs?

Just received an invitation to interview for possible inclusion in Doomsday Prepper’s – Season 2. I guess the casting director didn’t read this here blog. I explained to him how and why I can not participate, and thanked him for his interest. I won’t pass on his e-mail or phone number… if you want to be on the show, there are various venues for that. If you’re on the web at all, and have some

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Google Maps a New Road - OFF Road

Yes, Google is touted today as taking its StreetView ™ tech down a new path. The newest in their line of photographic recording equipment is a back pack. This new get up will weigh about 40lbs, and allow its operator to record images where cars and planes can not do the job.

Off road mappers will try to capture as much information as possible. This means that your retreat, cabin, homestead, farm, ranch etc…. is now in the camera’s cross

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Fukushima - A Sword of Damocles

Fukushima 4 Reactor Building

The reactor complex at Fukushima was the subject of major concern after last year’s tsunami off Japan. Depending on who you listen to, there were between one and three nuclear meltdowns or partial meltdowns. The concerns over those have largely fallen to the side for most people (though not us here at ASP). There is a much larger problem, though. It has gone under-reported by my standards.

Each reactor there, and there are 6 of

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NEWS – There are More Underwear Bombs

From ABC News….

U.S. and European officials say that even though an al Qaeda bomber was stopped before he could board a plane for the U.S., the threat is far from over — there are believed to be several other would-be bombers with similar non-metallic devices that could get through most airport security screening.

The article goes on to say that the bomb had “a highly refined detonation system“. They made a point of mentioning “it was apparently something that

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The Youngest is Married!

Here came the bride, and there she went, to an island paradise with her new hubby. Her mother and I are happy she hitched up with a man most would accept into their family. The festivities, the aftermath and a series of injuries to my person have left me with no time to devote to this blog – until today. The post below this one is the promised “Actually Building Your Plan – V” installment. Read it in good health,

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North Korean Test Launch

Was the NoKo Galaxy Rocket launch nothing more than a test? I tend to think not, because of the major face they lost on this. There was great expectation attached to a successful orbit achievement. But let’s assume, for the moment, that this was a test of new launching technology. Anything after the test would be a waste of time and effort, and might advertise more data than necessary. The flight would last only long enough to verify predefined expectations.

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The Sub of all Fears

North Korea has mad much of it upcoming “satellite” launch on the tip of a 3 stage rocket marginally capable of ICBM usage. It has said that any attempt to shoot it down would be considered an act of war. This week’s successful deployment of diesel /electric submarines into waters where they have shaken contact seems to add teeth to their usually empty threats.

South Korea is looking for them, and Japan may very well be giving them assistance. There

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