What’s New Here?

You may have noticed a few extra menu options, a couple little links to the right and some fitfull apps running here and there. We’re working on a social networking feature. Originally, it was supposed to be part of this very site. It will, though, be an associated site, closely linked to this one.

Yes, it is supposed to be an answer to FaceBook. Not quite sure how well it will operate. We are working with 3 different systems right

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National Preppers and Survivalist EXPO

Dave, one of our new SurvivalSpot! members posted this today, and I thought it was worth mentioning on the front page, here.

“I wanted to share some information for those readers who may live in Tennessee, if you do, there will be The National Preppers and Survivalist EXPO in Nashville in March. This is the first one I have seen here. There link is http://www.npsexpo.com/“


The last time they tried this...

… we had Hitler claiming that Germany was the first country to have complete gun registration. Their first gun registry was just before the confiscation of all weapons, and signaled the beginning of a hellish period in world history.

“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration! Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” – Adolph Hitler

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Private Drone Shot Down

An octo-copter is like many other privately built personal-use R/C aircraft. As the name implies, it is a copter flown with 9 motors. We have posted articles here on tri-copters and quad-copters. The more rotors you have, the greater life you have. Depending on configuration, the greater number of rotors means greater survivability if one or more fail or are disabled.

Here is a story about an octo in Berks County, PA, that was partially disabled by gun shot. It

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Observations Regarding Hurricane Sandy

Plan A will generally require the assistance of Plan B. But what if there is no Plan B?

Or, in the meaning-laden question of a friend of mine, “Are you ready?”

News feeds from the Sandy Theater of Operations illustrate the reality of conditions that live large and powerful within internet PAW fiction and prepper guru predictions. It can get ugly, even with FEMA preparations and promises. Words, fliers and official FAQs are useless when it comes to providing disaster

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Martial Law - Its Form and Reach

Martial Law!

Those two words cause hearts to skip beats. Understood by those words is that, when such a form of control is instituted, personal liberties may be at risk.

There have been a few articles, referencing martial law, recently in the press. I’ve heard support for and against it, with the no-votes coming from a Constitutional view point. Within the Constitution, there is reference to at least one aspect of it, but it’s not something to which I gave

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News from the Radioactive Midwest

I haven’t visited POTR blog in a while, and thought I’d pop over there to see what’s up. Well, things are very interesting over there. Seems the random storms are bringing more radiation down to earth, and he can trace it back to Fukushima. The storm of 8/8/12 produced readings 91X greater than background.


Take the above link and see it all. If you don’t have time right now, play this little video below. I would read all the

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“Raging Solar Storm” Hitting Earth – Gizmodo

Source. Gizmodo http://gizmodo.com/5878656/how-this-huge-solar-storm-is-going-to-affect-you

From the article, which makes good reading in its entirety…

The end pretty much sums it up.

The geomagnetic storm will only be “strong G2 with possibilities of G3,” according to Bisecker. In the best case scenario, only power lines will be affected. You will not notice it because any power fluctuations will be handled by companies at the grid level. If the storm is long enough, however, it may damage power grid transformers.

Other than all

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X-Flare CME to hit Sat AM

From Washington Post

If NASA is right, we’re in for a CME impact that could interrupt normal power to our homes and businesses. So, as a precaution, we are shutting off and disconnecting our computers tonight, and will check reports tomorrow morning when we get up.

As of now, NOAA and NASA don’t quite agree on their predictions. NOAA suggests it will be a non-event. (Likely will be, just like most of them.) Survival Mom put up a twitter

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Roundup Killing Bees?

Just something to read and think about.



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