Explosives in Breast Implants?

In this ARTICLE from the Mirror UK, we read about a current threat regarding terrorist bombing efforts at Heathrow, undertaken by placing a bomb within a breast implant (or two).

I wonder what has taken so long?

A while back, I was considering how the bad guys might try to get around our security efforts – specifically, airport security. I was looking at the possibility of taking a flight – and I was feeling a tad vulnerable. It struck me

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Did Yesterday's Amber Alert Spook You?

Many Californians were shocked out of their seats and beds yesterday and early this morning when the first ever Amber Alert via iPhone went out. It was preceded by a very ominous alert, much like a danger signal or warning. If you were a participant in this event, and would rather not participate in another, you can turn off the alert in your iPhone.

Touch “Settings” and then “Notifications”. Scroll to the bottom of that screeen and you will see

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The Expected Riots

… did not occur.

I am very glad. Out nation does not excel by reason of its diversity. It excels in the face of it – in spite of it. What differences each group holds dear would rends such a diverse nation, yet we have held together over the centuries.

Still, more often than we should, we produce individuals that would search and find, and then exploit the cracks in our unified structure. They would seek to amplify the natural

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DataRaping by our Protectors

To enable the raping of your private data, your data has to first be available. With the news reports of federal and state data collection making waves across the land, we would be wise to suppose that there are even more examples of this travesty yet to come.

Enter ObamaCare. According to Rare.us, we now have the pleasure of seeing how one more set of programs is ready to take, store and share our data without our consent. All we

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Fukushima News

It’s not often far from my mind. The reactor meltdowns at Fukushima can not just go away. No cleanup is possible, and the stability of the cores is pretty much a mystery. But hey, what we don’t hear about can’t hurt us, right?

Here are a few articles referenced on a buddy’s site, Disaster Web. These are for your reading pleasure.

Officials report “troubling discovery” at Fukushima nuclear plant: Cesium levels rocket 9,000% over 3 days in groundwater — Tepco

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Russian Boomers To Begin Patrolling

Boomers. Nuclear powered ballistic missile submarines. The deadliest and most powerful weapon systems ever developed, have largely been the operating bragging rights of the USA. The downfall of the USSR saw the decline of Russian submarine operations excepts for a few high profile “discoveries” made by older boats.

Now they have the first of a new class of nuke boat, though its roots are in the 90s.

Credit: Reuters Alexander Demianchuk

From Reuters: Russia to send nuclear submarines to

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Puyallup, Washington Sics Police on Parents

Not really. But, they did take that approach for a training exercise. Somehow, angry parents now warrant a police response since they are obviously the central power in crime in America. Shooting drills with a ticked-off mom as the target – are they really necessary in America? What about free speech? I know some women come born with assault-mouths, but they are hardly weapons against anything other than the receiver’s ears.

Read the article and watch the video.

The only

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.40 cal at a Good Price - Freedom Munitions

“Get your .40 here!”

“Fresh new .40 here!!”

Caught wind of a remanufactured-ammo dealer that has .40 cal for the equivalent of less than $20 per box. Not bad for FMJ. You do need to purchase in quantities of 500, though.

Freedom Munitions. On the left hand side of thier page, there is a “In Stock Now” link, which sadly, is sparsely populated due to the run on everything ammo these days. The other caliber they currently stock is .50

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The 2nd Boston Massacre, and Prepper Lessons

(( I began to write this on Tuesday. Events kept me from completing it, so the tenses herein might be a little off, considering it is a week after the event. ))

We were hit again. Already the “false flag operation” theories are flying, and I’ve seen some damnably weak “reasoning” in support of them. I’m not going to get caught up in that mess, because the promoters of them are no more in the know than the majority of

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North Korea the Puppet, China the Puppetmaster?

For two generations of Sungs and Ils, the North Korean dictators’ club has been alternately propped-up, and reigned in by their much larger relation, China. Support for the little pit of communist decline has come from very few friends. To assume that decades of tradition between the two countries has somehow changed would be to assume that Kim Jung Un is smarter, more politically adept and experienced than his predecessors.

The North is shouting its biggest threats yet, and seems

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