Fukushima Radiation Spike in Snow Storm

POTRBlog has recorded a spike in radiation during the snow storm in St. Louis. It began about 6 hours after the snow began to fall. His indoor meter mimicked the outdoor meter, which, as he noted, indicates a gamma radiological hit.

Here is a link to his article at POTR Blog, if you want to see the images. The text of the articles follows….

“As we had predicted, based on the Jet Stream pattern, we did have a radioactive snow

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Freezing Cold Weather with Hot Fukushima Fallout?

Our compatriots over at POTRBlog have an interesting headline on their most recent post.

It reads: “We’re Expecting RADIOACTIVE SNOW, Will Our Geiger Counter Survive -10ºF”

POTRBlog was the first site I encountered that dealt with real-time reports on radioactive particle deposition here in the US, and serious attempts at privately trying to discover the likely origins, and the probability that new types of fallout were indeed from the Fukushima fiasco. I’ve read his work for a couple years, now.

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50 Page Catalog of Equipment and Techniques for Government Hackers

Copied it full from ZeroHedge. If the ZeroHedgers have an issue with it, I’ll remove it.

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 12/29/2013 15:39 -0500

The NSA’s 50-Page Catalog Of Back Door Penetration Techniques Revealed

While the world may have become habituated to (and perhaps revels in, thank you social media exhibitionist culture) the fact that the NSA is watching anyone and everyone, intercepting, recording, and hacking every electronic exchange regardless if it involves foreign “terrorists” or US housewives, the discoveries

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Prepper Expos 2014 – Update

Looks like I’m getting more hits on our Expo Schedule page, but I haven’t updated it since November. So, I’ll take that as a reminder and get hopping again. I think it should be a regular feature with a bit more prominence than just a page link at the top of the site. Wuddayathink?

Swine Flu Info from POTR Blog

A swine flu predictive map from POTRBlog. His video is just over two minutes in length.

Info related to it from his post. “We suspect that the H1N1 Swine Flu honed its virulence at the 2013 Hajj in Saudi Arabia, as such the map in the video is indicative of high density populations which would have primary exposure to Swine Flu returning from the Hajj.”

Turning attention from H5N1 to H7 N9 (new bird flu) for a moment. The death

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Fukushima Scare Comes Home to Another

One of the boards I visit has a member in good standing sharing her fears about Fukushima Ground Zero, as far as the US is concerned. The coast of Oregon anecdotally has been hammered by the Jet Stream depositions and potentially biologically delivered radiation from the nuke site.

Here is the link to the thread, http://www.survivalistboards.com/showthread.php?t=332688, and some excerpts from the discussion.

“We have been pouring over new sites from all other countries as well as scientific sites. Fukushima is

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Defensive Ammunition News

The US has exactly ONE lead smelting plant left. At the beginning of next year, not too long off, the US will have NONE. The Herculaneum smelter is the last primary ore smelter in existence. Several recycling operations will continue to run, but large bulk smelting is a thing of the past.

EPA regulations, jacked-up to 10x their recent levels, make it impossible to update this plant to new standards. It isn’t known if constructing a new plant from the

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No More Rack

Hehe. My wife, obviuosly the better and smater half, said I should share a link with y’all. NoMoreRack. It is a shopping site with a wide variety of offers, time sensitive deals and general savings. As of right now, I see a 5000mAh solar rechargeable emergency backup battery for various devices. Comes with adapters. $20. 83% off regular price.

$12 dollar widow hammer with seat belt cutter. (Searched under “emergency”)

Worth checking out if you are in to discount sites.

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Winter Checklists, Anyone?

While not a list of prep chores, I do have a general gotta-do list of sorts. Things I would like to do, body aches permitting, before things get really damp and wet.

Clean the gutters Cut one particular branch off a tree out front Re-roof the chicken run Paint the chicken coop and secure the rear weather guard Re-wrap both kennels Take the accumulated junk on the west end to the dump Paint exposed trim here and there Plastic seal

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Information Security - Update

Well, the argument on the forums concerning the NSA’s ability to crack e-mail encryption seems to have been resolved.

They can.

The agency has fulfilled a decades-long quest to break the encryption of e-mail, online purchases, electronic medical records and other Web activities, the New York Times, the U.K.’s Guardian and ProPublica reported yesterday. The NSA also has been given access to — or found ways to enter — databases of major U.S. Internet companies operating the most popular e-mail

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