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Data-Thieving Drones

And you thought only the NSA was snooping at your window. Forget, for the moment, the

Picture from

drone /UAV aspect of this story. Consider that the technology for hacking your Wi-Fi network exists in great abundance, and data-thieves everywhere would love to get a peek at your network data streams. Imagine a world where the guy a few booths over inside your favorite coffee hangout is a

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MH370 - You Knew All Along, Right?

When the news came out about MH370 going off radar, it was assumed by most, rightly, that it had crashed. When a plane disappears and doesn’t arrive within hours of its due time, it only makes sense that it has gone down somewhere.

But these thoughts and fears were heavy at a point EARLY ON. Think back to other emerging news story of import. How many of them changed significantly

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US to Give Up Control of the Internet

Or, will give up what control it has left.

I remember the days of slow dial-up network access with fondness on one level – a private network. When Prodigy and Promenade were pretty much the big guys as far as inter-connectivity among the masses. You became a member, and then could network with people anywhere on the system. Promenade later became America Online, or AOL. Each system had its own

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Mountain House Freeze Dried Pork Chops

There is a sale over at Emergency EssentialsĀ on Mountain House FD Pork Chops. Just got the e-mail today. I was curious, so I did some reading over there – then elsewhere – then EVERYwhere.

18 to a can, 1/2″ thick, trimmed of fat. Uncooked. That’s a big thing. “Why?”, you ask. Because uncooked means you get to prepare and season it to your taste – not the producer’s. Emergency Essentials

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Have you Heard of WIPP?

I’ve been retweeting POTRBlog’s work on WIPP for over a month. Why? Because he’s doing a fantastic job and I can’t! I will post his most recent article in its entirety. All credit for work done is due to him.

From Today, March 13, 2014 at POTRBlog.

WIPP’s Radiation Detection Equipment Was Overwhelmed By Explosive Plutonium Release

It was (and still is) mathematically and physically impossible for the exhaust air

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Ukraine is Putin's Target

I warned of this HERE.

A recent New York Times linkĀ on Drudge Report mentions 3 separate buildups of Russian troops and armor along the common border with Ukraine. I would suppose the Ukrainians were previously privately concerned that this might develop, but they are now openly concerned. Like most NYT articles, it is long on talk, and short on money lines, but this one does have some cache.

Until Thursday,

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