Some Thoughts on Killer Flus, and Government Health (couldn't) Care (less)

From POTR BLog,

I don’t generally post whole articles from other blogs, but this one from POTR Blog begs for exposure. I thought it was a fairly good write up on the presence of a killer flu, a government’s medical response (late in coming) and how cost controls in single-payer systems lead to personal tragedy without resource to recompense.

What will China, Canada and the US soon have in common? More than you might expect…


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EMP Methods and Preps - Part III

For previous parts of this series, see:

EMP Methods and Preps – Part I

EMP Methods and Preps – Part II

In the first two parts of this series, I laid out why I believe the threat of an EMP attack on the United States is both possible, and feasible. The returns to the attacker far outweigh his investment in time, technology and the sacrifices among his personnel. I described how certain advances in technology and materials allow attackers to

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The Destroyer Cometh

I was doing some work on Part III of the EMP series when my wife called my attention to an insidious problem. “Unsorted Bag” of our medical preps had become contaminated. This was a small bag plastic /vinyl bag about 15″ long, 7″ wide with a zipper closure along the top, and two flexible handles. Just an ordinary black bag with four rubber feet along the bottom. In it was an assortment of Celox products, Potassium Iodate and packets of

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H7N9 and the Call to Awake from

The new H7N9 Avian Influenza is being viewed by HHS as a possible hemorrhagic bird flu, with over 70% chance of a multi-organ death and bleed out, and near 100% chance of death for adults without access to a forced air medical ventilator.

Did you get that? Near 100% chance of death without medical grade ventilator assistance for adults, coupled with major bleed out. If one doesn’t kill you, the other will.

I’ve been following POTR Blog for a long

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Government Assisted Identity Theft

As if hacked government databases haven’t already place our personal information at risk, here is news of another problem that promises to be the biggest yet.

The information database necessary for the Health Care exchanges to operate has NOT passed security testing. It will be the world’s largest and most complete storehouse of personal information ever. It will be the target of hackers large and small, government and geek, and the attacks will be round the clock.

Our people can’t

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When Thee is no Dentist

This is why you should have your dental work done NOW. Hehehe… :>

Agave Nectar - Good for You??

A pal of mine sent me a short note on agave nectar. I shared the info with my wife, who is responsible for researching nutritional issues for the family. She says her research confirms this. Here is what he wrote.

“Agave nectar (also called agave syrup) is a sweetener commercially produced from several species of agave. Agave nectar is sweeter than honey and tends to be thinner and flow more freely than honey.

The Agave juice is filtered, then heated

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Working with a Torn Shoulder

I pulled the muscles in my right shoulder, triceps and forearm in mid April. Combination of auto incident, moving heavy equipment and over-exercise. Might have damaged some connective tissue. The first 3 weeks, I decided to do a test. All my regular activities would continue as normal, and I would work through the pain. The idea was to test my ability to push on in the face of a serious injury.

I did well. (Pattin my self on my back

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Planning for Broadcasted Radiological Contamination

Radiological Effects from Fukushima – DEFENSE, Part I

Scenario – Fukushima 3 and 4 both experience catastrophic failures of their spent fuel rod storage pools, resulting in complete loss of cooling. All fuel rods ignite and, through a series of events, release massive amounts of radioactive material into the jet stream patterns of the northern hemisphere. Private radiation monitoring stations confirm the spread in advance of official warnings and eventual official notification to the public.

Much of this material is

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Gas Masks

Some friends and I are working on a couple ideas for an alternative to the military surplus gas masks seen all over the net and on TV shows these days. It started when one pal in particular mentioned that some of the US masks have a limited shelf life, and actually become TOXIC after expiration. He said it wouldn’t be too nice to block (or not) incoming agents only to be wiped out by chromium ingestion.

We brainstormed for a

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