Cardio Training Option

Not everyone has time and location suited for jogging off into the sunset, or hiking to a mountain base camp. They might not be able to afford a treadmill, or have the space for even a fold-up model if they did. But there is a tight space, full body cardio option for those with otherwise healthy joints and muscles – the jump rope.

I use a speed rope I picked up years ago, when I’m not assaulted by one or

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"Mall Cop" - What Can We Learn?

Ever see the movie “Mall Cop”?

The star was overweight, subject to black outs from hypoglycemia, to serious about his job, and a loser with the girls….

BUT – he could climb walls, run the tire course, recover with some sugar candy, save the day and get the girl.

What can we learn from this? The producer has some reality issues! He can also turn a cliche into a movie and make a few million bucks.

Actually, there are a

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Go Take a Walk - Neighborhood RECON

Take a walk. Seriously. Go out and take a walk. Get out of your house, go into your neighborhood and walk. Aside from the exercise, it’ll give you a chance to do two other things.

The first is to study your neighbors’ places, (and your neighbors), while on a leisurely stroll. Look at their places. Check out their cars. Try to notice things that you gloss over these days due to familiarity. Look for unkempt lawns, trash in the side

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Cross Training

Cross Training


Cross-training (also known as conditioning) refers to training in different ways to improve overall performance. … Cross training is training someone in another activity that is related to their current work. The name comes from the fact that you are training them across a broader spectrum of the organization’s work. The systematic training of the soldier on tasks related to another job within the same MOS or tasks related to a secondary MOS within

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Automated External Defibrillator (AED) – Your Own Defibrillator

You’re at your retreat. The world has not crashed, and you don’t think it will. Still you keep the place up to snuff because it also doubles as a great place to vacation, and triples as a second home if you lose your income and primary residence (the Three-fer rule….) While there on a vacation /maintenance trip, you experience a great pain in your chest and jaw, lose your balance and fall to the floor as your vision squeezes right

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